Why Hoka Shoes Are So Expensive?

In the old day’s shoes were considered a necessity but in today’s modern world it has also become a status symbol. There are many brands in the market competing against each other. These brands are producing new and unique designs according to the modern age requirements.

why hoka shoes are so expensive

There are a variety of colors, designs, styles are available. In addition, a variety of shoes are available for different occasions. Shoes are available in different categories but mainly we can categorize them into three main groups: Athletic, Casual, and Dressy.

Importance Of Shoes

Nonetheless, to become physically active, to improve your health, or to be able to participate in society, shoes can provide all the solutions and can help in improving the quality of life. They also help in preventing injury or disease, offer help to cure chronic foot conditions. Shoes also offer care for arches or excess pronation. Not everyone has perfect feet, so having properly fitting shoes can assist in aligning your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and can help to correct your gait and develop better posture.

The essential thing, according to podiatrists, is that the shoe permits the foot to securely exist in its natural and original shape, which can be done by good quality footwear. The human foot undergoes massive amounts of pressure every day so to wear good fitted and good quality shoes is crucial.

Disadvantages Of Poor Quality Shoes

Poor quality or poorly fitted shoes can bring in various health issues. Without supportive and properly fitted shoes, the biomechanics of the body can cause unnecessary effects and strain on parts of your feet and knees that aren’t supposed for shock absorption. Wearing ill-quality footwear can boost the risk of developing foot and ankle conditions.

First Introduction of Hoka

HOKA was first introduced in France in 2009 as high-functioning footwear. Its ‘maximal’ running shoes are quite renowned for their puffy silhouette thanks to stabilizing gigantic outsoles designed to suit all environments, from road to trail paths.They have produced some best running shoes like Saucony Cohesion, which cost $60 dollars which is quite reasonable.

According to research reports   Skechers, Vivobarefoot, and Puma are considered reasonable and affordable brands, while Hoka One, Newton is considered quite expensive. Hoka shoes have many unique features and they have much more cushioning than average shoes.

This cushioning helps to slow down the swiftness of the foot as it hits the floor. This can aid in decreasing the pressure under the heel and under the ball of the foot. Therefore, people with the ball of foot pain and plantar fasciitis prefer these extremely cushioned shoes for their comfort.

Other Companies Following The Footsteps

Now many of the emerging running shoe companies are producing similar models of shoes like Hoka. Moreover, the super-cushioned shoes also incorporate a rocker sole. A Rocker sole also reduces the pressure under the heel and the forefoot. It also helps to decrease joint motion in the foot. People with foot arthritis and with tarsal tunnel syndrome prefer this kind of soles.

In the earlier period, many shoes that have been the most cushioned have also been criticized for being relatively unstable. The Hoka One shoes presented the solution for this problem and used an extra-wide sole that covers around the shoe. Still, they are super amazing for walking and running.

The Appropriate Model

Now the question arises which Hoka shoe model should we get according to our foot conditions? We can look for a Rigid Rocker walking shoe with a rocker sole or Bondi LTR. Hoka is usually recommended to patients because patients get to benefit from a rigid rocker in the forefoot. Some Hoka shoes do not possess this rocker, so it is significant that you get the right model. When we press on the front of the shoe our forefoot should not bend.

Other Hoka shoes include Hoka Bondi LTR which is a leather walking shoe for leather lovers. Hoka Stinson is a stable running shoe for runners. Hoka Challenger is also a trail running shoe. The Clifton 8 by HOKA is an ideal shoe for a runner looking for a durable and balanced shoe, who also feels pain from Bunions.


The Clifton 8 has a good rounded and wide toe box to offer enough toe room, so we can run in comfort and not have to worry about troublesome bunion pain. There are many other varieties and designs available. Hoka Bondi 7 is famous for its cushioning and HOKA Rocket X for road racing. For stability, Hoka presents Arahi6 and many other models catering to different needs. Choose the one which suits your needs and budget.

Features Of Hoka Shoes

Health is more important than money. Not all Hoka models are expensive. HOKA shoes use lightweight materials, wide rocker midsoles, and extra cushioning to provide a smoother run. These features also help to maintain energy while running or walking. The Meta-Rocker technology is used in these shoes which means low heel-to-toe drop for extra comfort.

Final Words

We can conclude that despite being slightly expensive Hoka shoes are one of the best to wear in terms of quality and comfort. Hoka shoes offer value for money and offer premium comfort and durability. Therefore never compromise your health to save some money which otherwise you would be spending on medicines and medical assistance.

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