What Type Of Shoes Are Best For Toddlers?

Finding the best shoes for toddlers can be quite challenging. Every child has different feet and shapes and has different choices. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the perfect pair for your toddlers. We all are well aware of the fact that there is a lot of growth, development, and change happening during the toddler years, and that includes their feet too. During the first years of walking, tots definitely require strengthening their feet so that their mobility can improve, and they can balance themselves while walking.

what type of shoes are best for toddlers?

Development Of Feet

As a matter of fact, Kids’ feet grow and develop throughout childhood. We see that a lot of changes occur during this period. Therefore, it’s essential to protect their healthy development with the right choices of shoes that perfectly cater to their needs of size, shape, and stage of growth. If you fail to choose the right shoes, little feet could suffer from pain and discomfort and develop foot problems over time. This can also lead to delayed progress with important milestones like walking.

“I believe that [toddlers] should try to go barefoot as much as possible until they’re 2 years old,” says Mark Mendeszoon, DPM, podiatrist, foot and ankle surgeon, and Physician Spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association. For that particular reason, it’s vital that when shoes for small children should be a perfect fit and nurture healthy foot development.

Essential Features

Made with special Sensory Response Technology, toddlers’ shoes should have outsoles with sensory pods to help enhance the children’s balance and coordination. Each shoe should be comfortable, and it should not put too much pressure on tot’s feet. Stick out your thumb and apply it to make sure your little one’s big toe isn’t smacking up against the inside of the shoe. The best shoes for toddlers should have a thumb’s width (about half an inch) between the toe and the tip of the shoe.

what type of shoes are best for toddlers

Nonetheless, shoes should be lightweight so they can not feel like a burden to little feet. Therefore, look for rubber soles as they tend to be lightweight and flexible. When it comes to selecting the best shoes for toddlers there are other important features to look for. Shoes should have been chosen according to size, so parents need to carefully measure the size.

 In this regard, parents can seek professional help. Moreover, shoes should be non-slippery so that children can play without any fear and on every surface. The best shoes for toddlers are all about ideal fit, functionality, practicality, and durability.

Other Vital Aspects To Consider

Always ask your child to walk and check the heel. If the feet are coming in and out this will cause friction which will eventually lead to blisters. Do not follow the trends blindly. Select non-fashion and comfortable shoes rather than pointy boots, clogs, and other high-fashion footwear. These types of shoes may look trendy but mostly they are not supposed to wear by toddlers as they are not very practical and do not provide the support that is needed.

Material is very crucial. Look for breathable and premium quality materials. You can look for a shoe made of canvas, cloth, or leather (rather than rubber or plastic), all of which are porous, flexible, and breathable. You should be able to bend a toddler’s shoe in your hand without considerable effort.

Some Recommendations

Here are some of our recommendations.


This is a brilliant and best-selling product from Adidas for toddlers. They have rubber soles, and they are purely synthetic. They also included shaft measures 0.6 from arches.

what type of shoes are best for toddlers

They are durable and long-lasting. Style is very good and looks very good on toddlers and kids. They have a firm grip so that chances of slipping are quite less. The midsole is cushioned for extra softness and comfort.  Anyone who adores Adidas will love it.


These shoes are durable, comfy, and breathable sneakers for your little ones. They are made up of rubber soles and are exceptionally lightweight as they weigh only 110gm. So, kids and toddlers can easily wear them all day long at school, while running, playing, jumping, traveling, or walking. They will not feel burdened.  They are an excellent choice for super active kids and for those who love to play most of the time.


We all agree that kids are our most important asset. Everyone wants the best of everything for their kids. In this regard always choose wisely so that your kid’s health will not be at stake. You must invest in some good-quality shoes to protect your little feet and enhance the development of those little feet.

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