What Type Of Shoes Are Best For Ankle Support?

A wrenched ankle injury occurs when you are suddenly imbalance and roll, twist, or turn your ankle. This can stretch out or damage the ligaments that help hold your ankle bones together.

Tendons help alleviate joints, preventing excessive movement. A sprained ankle occurs when the ligaments are pushed beyond their usual range of movement. Most ankles have injuries to the ligaments on the outer side of the ankle.

Treatment is there for an injured ankle and depends on the nature and seriousness of the injury. You can take self-care and can take precautionary measurements.  If your condition persists you should go and seek a medical evaluation otherwise this condition might get worse.

ankle support shoes

As we all are aware that during ankle pain or injuries shoes play an important role. You cannot afford to wear any shoes rather you should be wearing specialist shoes which offer full ankle support.

“High-top shoes are recommended for structure and good support to avoid an ankle injury,” says Dr. Dan Geller, a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon and advisor for Kane Footwear. “Running shoes may not always be the best for folks with weak ankles as some can roll you out,” explains Dr. Geller.

Symptoms Of A Sprained Ankle

Signs and symptoms of a sprained ankle may include:

  • Pain, especially when you carry weight
  • Tenderness when you touch the ankle
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Restricted motion
  • Instability in the ankle
  • Popping sensation

Causes Of Ankle Pain And Weakness?

This issue is quite complicated and several factors contribute to ankle pain and weakness. According to Dr. Geller, “some people have weak ankles as a byproduct of loose ligaments from birth.” He also advises that ankle sprains or injuries can lead to pain and weakness in the ankles. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, the best way to prevent ankle injury or sprains from the activity is to properly warm up before you exercise — in addition to wearing the right shoes.

A sprain occurs when you force your ankle too much and out of its limits that it loses its normal position. This pressure causes extra stress on the ankle’s ligaments and tends to tear the ligaments.

Primary Causes:

  • A fall that causes a twist
  • Falling with all your weight on your feet
  • Walking or exercising on a rough or very slippery surface
  • Another person stepping or falling on your foot during a sports activity

Best Shoes for Ankle Support

If you have any kind of problems with your ankles either injury or weak ankles you should always go for the best shoes that provide maximum ankle support. But in general, Dr. Geller recommends shoes with “a stable wide platform and deep heel cup to stabilize the foot and ankle better.”

Alongside supportive shoes, good ankle support is also very beneficial. These ankle supports should be of good quality so that wearing them may provide a difference to your ankle health.

ankle support shoes

Here another problem arises. If you keep wearing a brace most of the time it could weaken your ankle due to lack of movement. Dr. Geller says. “Custom orthotics can be a great way to better control the hindfoot and ankle motion while not restricting Sagittal plane motion. Dr. Geller notes that he makes these for many top basketball players since they tend to have experienced “multiple sprains and developed weak ligaments in the ankle over the years.”

You should also focus on doing strength training and balance exercises as well. Also, try to wear shoes that support your ankle during all these activities.


If you will not take care of your ankle and do not seek proper medical assistance it may lead to severe problems. Eventually, it will limit your movements and will cause trouble for you in long term. Therefore, try to avoid facing all these complications and treat them on time and treat it with care.

Supportive Footwear

Supportive footwear becomes essential for patients who have chronic ankle or joint pains and for patients who have recently recovered from ankle injuries. An ankle sprain is classified as grade II therefore you need a higher walking boot. For mild ankle fractures, you may require a walking boot. Severe ankle fractures may lead to surgery to straighten the bones, and the walking boot serves as a support boot as a replacement for the splint and cast.

Once you know that you need proper supportive footwear go get it don’t delay it. Try to choose shoes that are open and wide with solid soles or get a durable set of trainers if they are wide enough to fit in your ankle. Walking boots are available in many styles and heights and come with a wider footbeds. They include a type of lining that helps decrease swelling.

They have a cushioned interior with shock-absorbing features. The sole is usually hard for better grip. To balance off the walking boot and help with smooth even movements, doctors recommend a shoe leveler and balancer that patients can wear on the other uninjured foot. As a consensus for shoes, we recommend a hard-soled shoe that is not flexible and does not bend with stress.

Orthopedic Shoes

Nowadays orthopedic shoes are available easily, which patients can wear if they have mild ankle injuries. Oftentimes, footwear contributes to ankle problems. Orthopedic shoes provide are designed for maximum support and comfort. Make sure to always select shoes designed to enhance your foot and ankle performance and health.


To conclude we can say that if you have an ankle injury or swollen ankle you should always wear shoes that support your ankles and prevent further damages. This will help your foot from bending or your ankle joint from moving out of place. You may also wear ankle braces to support your ankle and while playing or running.

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