What Is The Best Way To Organize Shoes?

It can be very difficult to organize shoes sometimes especially if you have a lot of them and you are obsessed with shoes. It can be extremely confusing that how and where to store them properly. If you organize your shoes properly you will be able to wear them on the right occasion otherwise you might forget about some shoes that you have.

“Don’t throw them in a heap,” says Sharon Lowenheim of NYC-based Organizing Goddess. “Line them up nicely. You paid money for them, so treat them well. Therefore, it is necessary to organize them in such a way that you can see them and not forget about them. Shoes can be stored, arranged, and organized in many different ways.

Though you need some space for them, some organization techniques take less space than others. There are lots of shoe storage solutions available some of them definitely will work wonders for you.

Unorganized, messy shoes cluttering up your closet or entryway is going to give you a headache and you will end up wearing the same shoes every time as many shoes will be out of your sight and mind too?  You can choose the organization technique that suits your space and budget. As there will be different options available for smaller or bigger homes. You will be amazed to know that there are different types of shoe racks and shoe cabinets choices are available.

Tips And Tricks

Let’s have a look at a few tips and tricks to get shoe organization more quickly and more result-oriented.

 Avoid Wire Racks

Shoe racks are the most popular version of storage. Many of us have it in our homes. You must have seen one of those wire racks in the market.

“Every time I see clients with those metal shoe racks that are tiered, I throw those away,” says Aron. “They don’t store everything, and they always get pushed to the back anyway. They get in the way of the clothes that are hanging.” These Wire racks are also a terrible choice for certain types of shoes especially shoes with heels. That is the reason to avoid them as they don’t offer value for money.

Sort Shoes Into Categories.

First things first. You should sort your shoes into groups by their categories. Store same types together. Store seasonal shoes together. Also, you can store them by categorizing them as you wear them frequently or often. Also, learn to categorize the remaining every day. Moreover, similar styles should be kept together. Shoes you wear to work should be kept separate. Similarly, you can make categories for party shoes, gym shoes, casual shoes, etc.

Separate Shoe Storage Solution

Some people pile up shoes and maybe you’re one of those people. In this case, think rationally as one day your closet space will not be sufficient for storing your piles of shoes. You might need extra separate storage space for your shoe collection.

“Things take up the space they take,” says Laura Cattano, a professional organizer in Brooklyn, New York. “My advice would be to get a bookcase with adjustable shelves. Even an IKEA one.” Separate shoe storage will give you more space and freedom to organize your favorite pairs.

Use Clear Boxes

This one is really important. Always try to use clear shoe boxes with lids or labels. In this way, you can see your shoes and wear them according to the occasion you are going to. Otherwise, there is a great chance that you will miss some of the shoes.

As any organization pro will tell you, it’s easy to forget something when you can’t see it. Avoid Stuffing everything in a box it will mix everything, and you will eventually be very frustrated and confused. Makes it simple, use clear boxes or separate clear shoe pouches. If you’re using shoe storage bins, then label them.


Declutter quite often. In this way, you will end up saving a lot of space. You can give your old shoes or shoes which you don’t wear now to charity or any recycling company. Remember it is very important to declutter your space.

Shoe storage Tools

Nowadays a variety of storage options is available. They are very handy, easy, and also economical. You can choose according to your needs and budget.

Tilt-Out (pull-down) Shoe Cabinet

If you have a huge collection of shoes, a pull-down(tilt-out) shoe cabinet is appropriate. It has the capacity to hold more shoes than the regular shoe cabinet of the same size. Usually, it can store up to 16 to 36 shoes depending on the number of drawers or shoe sizes. Also, the tilt-out type is leaner than the regular shoe cabinet, which makes it a suitable choice. It is also an appropriate choice if you have a narrow hallway or smaller space.

Shoe Storage Bench

Another good option is Shoe storage benches. These are a popular choice these days. Usually, people put them in their entryway. You can also sit down there while putting on and taking off the shoes. You can find shoe benches in different styles. They come as a simple storage bench with a lid on top that allow you to drop shoes inside.

what is the best way to organize shoes

This design is good if you want your shoe bench also as a place to put things like backpacks and gloves. If you want a shoe storage bench that only stores shoes, then you might want to buy the second type, which has a web of holes and in each hole, you can place your pair of shoes.

Shoe Storage Rack

If you have a few shoes, then a shoe rack will work for you. A typical shoe storage rack is a set of tiered shelves. It can be placed in the bedroom or hallway. Shoe storage racks come in a variety of colors so it’s easy to find one that matches your color scheme.

Over-Door Shoe Rack

If your house or living space is really small, consider this over-the-door shoe rack option. Buy it and hang it over the door. you can use any door according to your living space and usage.

shoe storage

Shoe Cabinet

A shoe cabinet is appropriate when you have plenty of shoes. You can place it in your room. Shoe cabinets are similar to a narrow chest of drawers. The difference is that it has cabinet doors on the front with shelves inside on which you can place your shoes.


If you invest your money in buying your favorite shoes, then you should also invest in buying a good shoe organizer. In this way, you will be up to date and will be able to choose and wear your favorite shoes. You will also be able to rotate shoes instead of wearing the same again and again. If you will not properly store shoes and do not take good care of them, they tend to look old and dirty very soon. Therefore, for your own sanity you must invest in a good shoe storage solution.

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