What are the best shoes for amazon delivery drivers?

People who work in the service industry are true heroes and the strength of our society. When you are lying in your snuggly bed, and you don’t want to get up and go outside you can just pick your phone up and order something. To order online has one of the increasing trends in this era. You can order groceries, food items, clothes, shoes, medicines, anything you can think of, and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

what are the best shoes for amazon delivery drivers?

Amazon delivery drivers bring almost 250-300 packages a day. It is approximately 200 stops spread out. It is about 20-30 stops per hour dependent on the weather conditions. This is massively hard work carried out by these hardworking drivers. It means these drivers are on their feet all day long, running around in the hot sun or in harsh winters. You have to be on your feet all day long, and walking through the rain, windy weather, or mud. this is indeed quite challenging to keep up with this kind of job.

Need Of Comfortable Shoes

These drivers can’t afford to wear worn-out and uncomfortable shoes. If you’re a delivery driver, you must aware that your job is more than just driving a vehicle. It’s a delivery job and you have to deliver parcels at the doorsteps too. Some days you can stroll more than or equal to ten miles a day. Individuals usually leave this job as it is a very tough n physically very demanding job. This is the reason Amazon faces a high employee turnover.

Moreover, Amazon makes deliveries every day of the week, without any day of it means you have to work on Sundays too. These Sunday deliveries are offered to all customers where the service is accessible, irrespective of Amazon Prime membership.

what are the best shoes for amazon delivery drivers?

Selecting an appropriate work shoe according to your feet type and budget can be difficult and time-consuming. If you select the wrong shoe type, you might end up having various injuries and diseases like plantar fasciitis and backbone problems.

Therefore, it is extremely important to select and wear comfortable shoes. You must invest in some premium quality shoes so that your work will be easy for you. Take care of your feet as they are your precious assets. Take all the necessary precautions to avoid unnecessary stress on feet and injuries.

Waterproof Shoes

Whether or not to have waterproof shoes is a crucial question. Well, it is not s essential, but for the rainy season, it is an ideal act to wear waterproof shoes. It will help in keeping the feet dry and prevent them from smelling and getting feet diseases. If you are doing your delivery duties in an area which is mostly wet and rainy you must wear waterproof shoes as it is obvious that no one wants to feel wet socks due to water that soaked in. However, if you live in an area that is mostly dry, hot, and sunny where it rarely rains, this feature is not necessary.

Attributes of Shoes

Uncomfortable shoes can cause severe damage that can further lead to the ankle and your knees. Hence, it is necessary to take precautionary actions beforehand. Before you buy shoes for your job, you must look for the following features:


Well, if you have an 8-hour shift or 12-hour long shift, it is the warm day outside, and your van AC has stopped working properly. In these conditions, you do not want your feet to get sweaty and stinky. Since your feet are confined inside the shoes, it is likely humidity will start gathering. This can lead to bacteria gathering that will generate nasty odors. Your foot might also slip inside your shoes which could cause your shoe to slide off the pedal.

what are the best shoes for amazon delivery drivers?

At this point, you need breathable material for your shoes. Whether they are made from leather or mesh, they need to have a good ventilation system from which air can pass through and keep your feet dry.


Let’s return to the eight-hour shift situation. This 8-hour period includes both driving and walking to deliver the packages. Consider what it would be like to have to do this every day for several months. You don’t want to buy a pair of shoes which will flatten or wear out after the first week. They must be comprised of high-quality foam or rubber.


Throughout your delivery journey, you will face rain and snow. You don’t need a hospital bill because you stumbled and hurt your back. It’s best to use anti-slip shoes since they usually incorporate treads or channels that aid with balancing.

Memory Foam Insole

While not required, it is a substantial benefit. Between your toes and the ground, memory foam functions as an extra layer. It will make you feel as if you are walking on clouds and will keep your feet from being exhausted even after a long day on them.

Final Words

As we all know that delivery driver job is a very tough and physically hard job. To fulfill this job, you just need to wear some premium quality comfortable shoes. In this way, you will be able to perform your duties efficiently without having any fear of getting injuries and feet diseases.

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