Top Differences: Volleyball shoes Vs Tennis Shoes- Guide 2021

Volleyball and tennis are two very famous sports around the globe. They are popular among teens and young individuals. These games provide good exercise and boost stamina. These games have many things in common, yet they have certain differences.

Significance Of Shoes In Sports

As an athlete or sportsman, you need everything proper to safeguard your body. You need proper kits, safety tools and equipment, and proper sports shoes to prevent you from injuries and bruises. Proper shoes for tennis and volleyball aid you to perform better in any kind of sports and chances are quite less that your feet will get any injury. it is essential that you are aware of how important a good pair of shoes is!

In this article, we will look into the main differences and key similarities between tennis shoes and volleyball shoes.

Tennis Shoes

While choosing a helpful pair of tennis shoes, Dick’s Sporting Goods advises to buy a wide, steady, stable sole with a smooth flat bottom and marked with tread pattern. It should also have a strong upper portion and laces that offer a good grip and assure firmness of feet in their place.

Preferably, If you want to buy shoes specifically for tennis then look for an outsole that is designed for the surface you want to play tennis on. The reason is tennis is played on various types of surfaces like grass, clay, and hard surfaces. All these different types of surfaces require a different type of shoes. So, in order to enhance and optimize your performance keep in mind that which type of tennis court you are playing in?

Volleyball shoes vs tennis shoes

The perfect pair of shoes for tennis will fit your feet like gloves. These shoes have to be fit just right. Moreover, they should neither be too tight nor too loose. They should let easy and comfortable movements and also offer enough cushioning on the inner sole.

Tennis is one of the most energetic and distinctive games in coordinated sports. It requires such a range of activities, including shuffles, sprints, jumps, and split steps, that it can be confusing to consider out what the best shoe for the game should be. Always try to choose shoes that are durable and offer a good fit and support to feet while playing.

Volleyball Shoes

Professional volleyball players tend to wear volleyball shoes. They hardly ever use other types of shoes like tennis or squash shoes. The 3 major common and famous brands that professional volleyball players prefer to wear are Asics, Mizuno, and Nike with Adidas just behind the competition.

In addition, with all the active lateral and vertical movements required for the volleyball and continuous jumping, a volleyball shoe should be able to absorb the impact and should have excellent traction support.

Volleyball shoes vs tennis shoes

You should have either low-top, mid-top, or high-top support, whichever is comfortable for you. High-top shoes tend to offer the best of ankle support but also tend to be slightly heavier and thicker. If quick, unexpected movements are unavoidable to the position you play on the court, low-top shoes are an excellent choice.

Weight is a key aspect to consider while purchasing volleyball shoes. Shoes should be light in weight to carry out the movement around the court for several games in a row. In lightweight shoes, you’ll feel more relaxed, and your feet will not get sore even after you wear them for longer hours.

Furthermore, lightweight shoes also support more to jump you higher as compared to heavier shoes. To conclude for men, you should search for volleyball shoes that weigh between 300 and 400 grams (10.5 to 14 ounces). Women’s volleyball shoes should ideally weigh between 200 and 300 grams (7 to 10.5 ounces).

Things To Consider While Purchasing:


No matter which kind of sports you are playing you need a pair of shoes which offers good support to your feet. As we know that tennis and volleyball both demand high active movements and flexibility. Therefore, you must look these two things in your shoes.

Sudden random movements, lunges, and sprints require good supportive shoes. Shoes with excellent flexibility give good support and boost performance as well. In this way, there are fewer chances to get ankle sprains and twists. Shoes with proper ankle support are a good choice as they will tend to provide the required support for healthy movements.


If you are going to play for a longer period of time and consistently then you definitely need those shoes which are durable and long-lasting. If you end up buying shoes that are not durable, you have to buy them again and waste your hard-earned money.

Materials that do not wear out easily and of premium quality are good. Spend wisely so that you can save your time and money later. If you buy a low-quality material product you will end up getting wear and tear so easily. So, choose a premium quality, tried, and trusted tough material. In this way, you can wear your sports shoes in your games as well as in your training sessions.


The quality of the outsole of your sports shoes should be outstanding. Don’t ignore this aspect. You need excellent traction support, and a firm grip of the volleyball shoe is a top priority. It needs to have excellent grip since you’ll be playing on hard-surface courts that can be slippery sometimes.

Shoes with better grip assist the court in getting better digs, passes, starts, and stops. Search shoes with an outsole that’s made of high-quality rubber, has a pivot point under the ball of the foot, and has crisp and narrow lugs or complicated tread designs. Each of these features helps in offering better traction. Therefore, you have fewer chances of slipping and getting injured.

Ideal Fit

Always try your shoes on before purchasing. Make sure you are well aware of your size and feet type. Moreover, you can get professional help to measure your shoe size. You must buy accordingly to avoid any misfit shoes. Therefore, it is a better option to try them and satisfy yourself about the sizing issue.

Volleyball shoes vs tennis shoes

Pronated feet put the high weight on soles and balls of the feet, supinated feet wear out the heels easily and even ideal and perfect foot types tend to put pressure around a shoe. Therefore, you must buy according to your feet type. Otherwise, you will get bruises or feet diseases like plantar fasciitis and other aches.

To conclude we can say that wear shoes which are neither too tight nor too loose.


You can say that this is the least important feature you will be looking at while buying sports shoes. If you are looking for tennis shoes or volleyball shoes style does not really matter yet it should be pleasant to the eyes.

It should be designed in a way that it cannot be a reason to hinder your performance. Shoes should be good looking to eyes but what is the point of wearing a very stylish shoe which is not offering you comfort and ease. Your priority should be comfort rather than style. It is important yet not very critical.


Mesh is an excellent material to have in the uppers of your volleyball or tennis shoes. This offers good breathability. The specific material allows air to pass through your shoe so warmth and dampness can escape. It gives a cooling effect and feet do not get sweaty and wet for a longer period of time which in turn enhances your performance in the game.


Can I wear tennis shoes for running?

Yes, you can. They might not be an ideal choice, but they can serve the purpose. If you are a keen and consistent runner you should buy a good pair of running shoes.

Can I wash my volleyball shoes?

It totally depends on its material and design. In most cases, you can wash them. Look for the care instructions and look for the instructions whether to wash them in the machine or by hand.

What type of shoes is best for sports?

Shoes that are soft, flexible, and breathable are best for playing sports. Moreover, shoes with good traction and ankle support are ideal.


To sum up we can say that there are only minor differences in the shoes required for volleyball or tennis sports. Both of these sports need specific shoes with good support, perfect fit, traction, comfort, and flexibility.

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