Volleyball Shoes vs Running Shoes! Difference And Similarities!

We all can not agree more, that sports are one healthy and fun activities that add to the bright part of life. Taking some time out of your day to have a jog around the neighborhood counts as sports, at the same time, professionally playing in the field counts as sports.

volleyball shoes vs running shoes

For a sportsman, his internal capacities and his feet count the most and let’s be honest, one wrong choice of footwear can damage both. And so, following each sport, footwear is designed to go along with the game. In the following piece of writing, we will discuss Volleyball shoes and Running shoes.

Volleyball Shoes:

Volleyball is a game that requires immensely accurate footwork and sometimes it becomes tough to manage with the same old shoes one is wearing, which might be inappropriate for the game. Just like each player has his individuality, the shoe they’re wearing have uniqueness too. And when such comparison kicks in, each minor detail affects the performance of a player.

Qualities Of A Good Volleyball Shoe:

Some such factors contribute to making the most efficient shoes for games like volleyball. Given below is a brief discussion on those features:

  • An excellent grip on the feet ensures the player of the anti-slipping features.
  • For such quick games, a good shoe shall have cushioning techniques to avoid possible injuries.
  • An appropriate choice shall have the ability to stabilize the feet on the ground.
  • A volleyball shoe shall be low profile, for the easy movement of ankles.
  • Being lightweight is another plus.

The Best Ones So Far:

Coming under the category of volleyball shoes and being adorned with the above-mentioned features, Nike Zoom Hyper Ace 2 and, Adidas Crazy flight Volleyball shoes, are possibly the best ones yet.

Running Shoes:

Running is probably one of the healthiest activities out there, that is the number one suggestion of any fitness professional. But to fulfill the demands of this activity, you need to have two things. Dedication, and appropriate shoes.

If somebody tells you that you can run in the slippers you’re wearing or the ankle boots you have, they’re wrong. You need appropriate footwear that follows up with your trail.

Features To Make A Good Running Shoe:

Following are the desired factors that help footwear be ranked amongst the best running shoes:

  • If your shoe has a high approximation of cushioning, then it will protect your feet in your jog.
  • Flexibility is another requirement for when you’re running as it allocates the healthy movement of feet.
  • Stability is always a demand for any footwear.
  • As running is a strenuous activity, it leads to sweating, and to avoid having stinky feet after you run across the park, the best running shoe must be breathable.

Best Running Shoes:

With so many brands putting their best in making a good running shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus and Brooks Revel 5, stand out since they have maximum traction support and flexibility.

Similarities Amongst The Two:


Both these types of shoes ensure stability because they belong to the sports shoe category. With volleyball shoes, stability is ensured to avoid any form of slipping and skidding, and with running shoes, sturdiness is necessary to grip feet tight on unstable grounds.


Both running and volleyball being sported with footwork required, it is possible to face any form of injury or slipping moment. Just to avoid such moments, both constitute brilliant tractive forces.


Since both shoes carry feet that perform handwork and quick movements, it is a cherry on top to have them be breathable.

Differences Between The Two:

The followings are the factors that differentiate both these types of shoes.


As far as volleyball shoes are concerned, the consideration in making soles is insane and presents the shoe according to the demand of the game. Soles of volleyball shoes are made up of rubber, being exact, the rubber of gum material. This adds much more to the shoe and at the same time, differs it from the running shoes, having soles composed of carbon rubber.

volleyball shoes vs running shoes

This differentiation adds to the individuality of shoes as gum rubber makes volleyball shoes more cushioned while carbon rubber makes running shoes more durable.


Being another factor that differentiates both the shoes, flexibility is a plus of running shoes and probably a little less addition to the volleyball shoes. Volleyball is a game played on stable, plain concrete grounds where flexibility is needed but the low profile of these shoes helps in making elasticity less of an issue.

On the contrary, there is no restriction if running shoes are low profile. Moreover, running is an activity done on less plain grounds often. This requires heavy flexibility for the ease of feet.


The basis of both shoes is one main factor that differentiates them apart. Volleyball shoes are made for quick jumping blockers, while running shoes are made for calm sturdy, or sometimes, tough and fast jogs across the streets and in the yards.

So almost all the features present in these two differ based on this main agenda for their existence. Volleyball shoes with abilities to be an anti-slip, sturdy, tight grip are appreciated. While on the contrary, running shoes with the ability to be sturdy, soft-grip, breathable are admired.


Can running shoes be used for volleyball?

Asking if you want to play in beginner mode, you can wear your running shoes. But if the game is set on the professional ground, proper volleyball shoes shall be worn as they provide traction support.

Are volleyball shoes and running shoes the same?

With major differences and minor similarities, these two are separate occasion-oriented shoes, that shall be worn differently.

How do volleyball shoes differ from running shoes?

The key difference lies in the soles of both shoes. Volleyball shoes constitute a sole made from gum rubber that helps in speedy movement. While running shoes have a carbon rubber sole, allocating smooth strides.


As discussed above, we have seen the similarities and differences that exist between both these shoes. It would not be appreciated if one wears running shoes for volleyball or vice versa. In terms of both the sports, the footwear with mentioned qualities go the best. With little differences, they make the respective sports much equipped.

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