Top 10 Best Shoes For Standing All Day On Concrete

Let us be honest, the job is not the most beautiful thing on Earth, except when you get paid. And especially when you have a job that requires full-day motion and working, it will be tough for you. For people who work in industries or construction sites or even restaurant kitchens, it is tougher as they have to do such tough work daily.

And one of the most important things they need to keep in consideration is their feet’ health. Because in reality, it is not their passion that keeps them going, it is their feet. But while working hard in these scenarios, it is expected to come across some problems regarding the feet due to the forbearance they have to show every day. Some of those problems include:

Problems Faced By Daily Workers:

These are a few of the main problems faced. Now there can be preventions for these, like:


  • Stretching
  • Icing
  • Wearing proper footwear with arch support.

How Much Of A Role Do Shoes Play In Such Cases:

Sometimes due to hard work, the body’s muscles get so tired that they stop working a lot efficiently. And hence, all their workload is also put on the weight carrying muscle like that of feet. The feet have two very sensitive parts, heels, and toes. And these work more than the entire body in carrying the body’s weight. But excessive workload can put stress on them as well.

best shoes for standing all day concrete

To reduce this pressure, shoes can help. There are many shoes out there in the market that come specially designed for such hard-working daily jobs. Wearing them can help provide you with excellent support. Listed below, are some of our preferences.



Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainers


  • pure leather
  • Outer texture of mesh hybrids
  • Weight is 14 Oz
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Best Cushioning

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7


  • GEL Techniques
  • Hybrid of synthetic and mesh
  • Weight is 2 Pounds
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Best Seller

Fila Men’s Memory Work shift Slip Resistant Work Shoe


  • DLS foam soles
  • Shaft height of 3 inches
  • Weight is 12 Oz
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Best Seller

Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe


  • Rubber soles
  • Shaft height of the medium level
  • Weight is 10.2  Oz
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CoolMax technology

ROCKBOOSTER Work Boots For Men


  • Protective Steel Toe
  • Thermostable Plastic and Polyurethane Soles
  • Slip Resistant
Check On Amazon
Best Anti Skid

DESSERT Women Walking Shoes Slip-on Sock Sneakers


  • Innate Mechanism Of Cushioning
  • Elastic Cuff
  • Pull-On Closure
Check On Amazon
Best Padded

Skechers For Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-fit Work Shoe


  • Padded Collars And Tongue
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • Weight is 14.2Oz
Check On Amazon
EVA Sole

Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain


  • Shaft Height Of Almost Medium Size
  • Mesh Linings
  • Weight is 1.31 Pounds
Check On Amazon
Anti Slip

TICCOON Work Steel Toe Shoes


  • Lace Up Closure
  • Microfiber Used  For Ventilation
  • Weight is 2.14 Pounds
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Best Traction Support

Raebok Men’s Rb4041 Sublite Industrial and Construction Shoe


  • Foam Midsoles
  • Pure Mesh Fabric
  • Memory Tech Massage Footbed
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New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainers

Standing all day is not that easy of a job to do. Especially when you have to do it every single day, it becomes tough not only for your feet but gets hard on the whole body.

And so, to do this job easily and efficiently, you need to have a pair of shoes for your everyday wear, that not only does a wonderful job at keeping you sturdy but appeals to the eye’s aesthetic too. These cross trainers from New Balance seem to have taken the tag for being the best shoes for standing all day.

With the pure and authentic leather built-in structure and mesh outers, these have had one of the best comforts and support-providing abilities so far. The traction support with the EVA fit is a miracle in disguise for those who earn by long shifts daily. Being waterproof and flexible at the toes zone, these shoes are the best choice for standing all day on concrete.


  • Wide range for widths, an approximate of almost three.
  • Proper resistance to compression.
  • Flexibility for ease.
  • Water-resistant, and hence durable.
  • IMEVA midsoles for traction support.
  • Heel pads for comfort.


  • Surely, not slip-resistant.


ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7

Adding up another technology to the world of footwear’s, these ventures have introduced the GEL TECHNIQUES for traction support. Using gel, to add between the midsoles, this technology has performed wonders for all day workers in being extremely protective and preventive against cushioning and troubles of traction.

These running shoes have proven anti fatigue by keeping the feet muscles and tendons calm through out the day and prevent any form of damage  to the feet,  that normally occurs due to standing for too long and wearing uncomfortable wears.

Moreover, the ethylene vinyl acetate soles add up to the breathability and stability of this pillow comfort piece. For the improvement in enhancing of the breathability, this article possesses Ortholite X-40 liners for heels and toes.

Though they are not water resistant, keeping away in water safe environments, these can prove a lot durable. Throwing away the discomfort to toes by padded toe caps, these surely are one of the best choices for standing all day.


  • Breathable enough to keep the feet fresh.
  • Durability is top notch.
  • Extreme comfort to the feet according to the fit of it.
  • Proper cushioning and impact absorption techniques.


  • Heavier than normal shoes.
  • Might not prove water resistant.


Fila Men’s Memory Work shift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

With the most innovative introductions, Fila is one of the most trusted brands for apparels. And just this one piece, adds to the highlighted fame of Fila more. The first look that you have at this footwear, speaks for it’s own due to the strong and compact structural built up that a lot of cross walkers lack.

Upon searching about the shoes, we have come to face a lot of magical properties that this footwear possesses and that are much needed for activities that are harsh on feet, for example standing all day.

With a shaft height of  3 inches, these footwear have a statement to prove regarding the comfort level and the breathability. They have minute perforations that on the first look, only seem a design but additionally do the job of a window for Air exchange. And hence, the feet does not get stinky or sweaty at all.

Furthermore, the anti slipping features of these are extremely helpful for those who work all day in heavy industries and have to provide quick services. This prevents injuries. Just these few underlined features of this pair are enough to top it amongst the best shoes for standing all day.


  • Tiny perforations for ventilation.
  • Anti skid structure.
  • Durable enough to fill in the payment.
  • Weighs as light as one and a half pounds.


  • Leakage issues reported under certain harsh conditions.


Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe

One of the basic demands of an all day worker is a shoe pair with nothing, but comfort. And by saying that, he means comfort that lasts longer than the job. When you have to stand all day and do long walking and sweaty jobs, having tired and exhausted feet is the last thing you want as in such cases, feet literally carry you throughout the days.

Fulfilling this desire of long term working men, mainly those who work in kitchen, Skechers have introduced their Cessnock shoe. With a lace up closure and medium shaft height, these can serve you throughout with a slip free and fatigue free day.

Though they have less traction but they have everything a kitchen worker needs. The comfortable and foamy paddings for heels allow the perfect arch support and breathability to the skin of your feet.

The orthopedic support is an optimized feature with use of the best mesh linings to obtain tiny perforations and so these lightweight footwear do the job of a bed under your feet.


  • Memory Foam cushioning for warmth of feet while enabling the ventilation.
  • Anti slip paddings help in an injury free day.
  • Proper orthopedic Support against deformities.
  • Since they’re not water resistant, durability might be reduced.
  • Not enough traction.


ROCKBOOSTER Work Boots For Men

Introducing the most extra ordinary technology, termed as COOLMAX technology, this shoe pair is the best transition holder for any working man. The reason is the fact that they provide proper insulation in winter and in summer, the ventilation is brilliant.

Hitting the mark at being the best shoes for standing all day, these Rock boosters have proven to be water resistant, and mainly comfortable for toes, unlike any other work shoe. The reason lies in the toe cap made of steel, that doesn’t go too hard on toes but keeps it warm and fresh enough.

Thermoplastic used in built-in materials allows it to be totally wearable for feet in any of the seasons, irrespective of the cold or the heat. Moreover, the anti fatigue features prove more help as in case of standing all day, certain footwear might cause orthopedic problems. But these ones, are simply a trademark in case of best shoes for standing on concrete all day.


  • Water resistant, and so is beneficial for workers of heavy industries.
  • Anti fatigue memory foam keeps the feet orthopedically supported.
  • Slip resistant.


  • Breathability of this footwear is not the best, and might cause the feet to smell.


DOUSSPRT Women Walking Shoes Slip on Sock Sneakers

When your feet is being vigorously used all day, they need extra comfort at night. But when you get up the other day and do the same thing by treating them in harsh environment, the overnight treatment might not work the best for you.

To have the most protected and fresh feet while so working in an all day heavy work shift daily, there needs to be consideration and generous behavior in making choice of the footwear you are wearing.

We suggest you the women slip on sneakers due to the additional qualities that not every footwear possesses for feminine wear. The air cushioned soles with padded collars and tongues allow a very smooth breathable situation for the feet to spend the day in.

Making a female foot do wonders throughout the hard jobs and standing sets, these sneakers have elastic cuffs to lessen the time to put on and off. Moreover they have a very versatile usage range,  from walking shoes to running shoes to taking long trails, to a hiking competition. These are perfectly what you desire.

  • Versatility in ranges to choose from and usage.
  • Built in mechanism for smooth ventilation transition.
  • Anti skid properties to prevent injuries.
  • Not the best orthopedic choice.
  • Some anti water resistant issues are reported.


Skechers For Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-fit Shoe

Skechers have really gone serious with providing customer services and on top of the list of services demanded by the customers, is comfort, breathability and resistance towards fatigue. With the addition of OSHA complaint originated outsoles, these Feltons are slip resistant and prevent any type of slipping and skidding on the floor which might further lead to fatigues.

Allowing in more features, these runner ups follow the trends by providing proper traction support against any impact of serious forces.

With an almost medium shaft height, they cover and wrap around the whole feet and gently provide silk comfort with synthetic fiber being used in it.

The strong yet gentle grip on feet is just like a fur Coat covering the body. Moreover the prices add to it’s labelling and attract more attention.


  • The use of rubber in soles makes it much softer.
  • Much affordable for anybody to buy
  • Breathability and durability are the highlighting factors.


  • None, but rare leakage cases.


Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain

Being one from the podiatrist recommendation, these Timberland’s make their way up the list due to the soft and smooth insides but hard and compact outsides that not only create a confusion to the mind but give a sparkle to the qualities this footwear has been granted with.

The EVA soles and the soft runner up absorption paddings, prove more than helpful to provide cushioning and fatigue support for people working all day long.

As tough can life be, Timberland’s save the day. In almost every list of top titled shoes, Timberland’s have their name up. In addition to the beautiful design they own, the comfort and breathability is a plus.

Mesh linings to create tiny pores that are invisible to eyes but visible to the oozes of smell, and the microfibers that prepare for the ventilation system for feet, these runner ups are surely one of the best choices for best shoes for standing all day.


  • Use of microfiber adds to the breathability of the shoe.
  • Anti fatigue technology that features on this shoe, helps prevent structural deformations.


  • These booties are not waterproof, so the Wearable capacity is reduced.


TICCOON Work Steel Toe Shoes

Unlike the vibe that the title of these shoes give, these are surprisingly very soft and comfortable on the feet. The reason might hide in the extended use of rubber in making this pair, as rubber not only keeps the feet sturdy but comfortable.

When we talk about standing all day, we smell a very painful ooze from this statement. And so, a footwear that can provide best orthopedic support is needed. So do these TOCCOON booties. With their extended microfiber paddings and wide ranges to choose from, these might be the best choice.

They add sturdiness to the feet and help prevent any type of deformations due to standing too long. For a work man, feet are is as important as work. A padded, foamed and ventilated but warm footwear is the best possible option out there.


  • Flexible enough for walking comfortably.
  • Water resistant, and so are best for workers in industries.
  • Versatile in ranges and usage.
  • Anti slip.
  • Might be less durable.
  • Sometimes, proves too hard for gripping the feet.

Raebok Men’s Rb4041 Sublite Industrial And Construction Shoe

With their mesh soles of pure nylon, that possesses a built-in cooling system by the transfer of moisture, these have proved to be one of the best choices for standing all day activities.

In such scenario, mostly shoes become uncomfortable due to the toes part as all of them do not succeed in fitting all toe types. And mainly, wide toes get left out. But with these industrial and construction shoes, toe comfort is made sure of and it perfectly keeps fresh the extra wide toes.

Moreover, the foot beds and the paddings provide pillow comfort by keeping the feet warm and fresh through out the day. The perforated materials being used in this shoe, are a lot helpful as they help in exchanging the moisture from the inside to prevent feet outside and thus from stinking after long term wear.

This ventilation system helps them be featured in the list of Best shoes for standing all day, concrete.


  • Flexibility is top notch.
  • Proper cushioning and traction support is available.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry on the whole day.
  • Nylon insoles that allow moisture transfer and help in cooling the feet.
  • Durability is poor.

Buyer’s Guide: Here’s a solution to your confusion!

Giving importance to our feet is something we all are bound to do. The reason lies in the importance of healthy feet in our life. The more stable they are, the note stable your body is. But when we start on with choosing our shoes, it really is a disaster. There are many brands that present their pieces.

Different designs, different layouts, different prices, different selling top liners. It’s all so much of a confusion to choose from. There are certain pieces that possess similar qualities but the pricing is much higher than each others. And you just never know what to choose and what not to.

Here is a little help from us, a guideline, that might make it easier for you to choose your footwear. Just consider following mentioned factors before choosing your shoe.

Arch Support:

The first and the foremost factor that shall be considered is a proper arch support. When you’re working all day, constantly standing and doing harsh jobs, you need to have a very supportive and comfortable footwear. Because if you don’t, your feet will not allow you to stay sturdy throughout the day and you might need to take breaks every now and then, which let’s be honest, is not pleasing to your job.

To prevent this from happening, all you need to do is be considerate while shopping for shoes. Just go with a footwear that has possibly the best arch support for your feet. The type of shoe that allows your feet to settle in smoothly and stay in the natural form without being deformed, is the best shoe for standing all day.


 It is absolutely not easy to spend a whole day in footwear that suffocates your feet. And so the second factor we suggest you to look for in shoes, is breathability. Go for a footwear that has a proper ventilation system that keeps your feet breathable and fresh. Rather, choosing cheaper footwear with poor breathability that causes smell, is not an option.

Cushioning And Traction:

For people who have to work all day in heavy industries, it is compulsory to have a footwear that protects the day through all those slipping and landing harsh moments. A footwear with proper cushioning and traction support is the best choice. Also, it shall be resistant to fatigues.

In some cases footwear are designed so tight, that while wrapping around your feet, they tighten there grip onto the feet’s skeletal structure. Due to this, many deformations occur. And you definitely do not want to have a dainty feet when you have to do hard jobs daily that require footwork.

Durability And Price:

And in the end, the most important factor that we all have a look on. The price and the durability of the shoe. So obviously, it will be no use to spend dollars on a footwear but have it combat only few months. Rather a footwear with amazing durability shall be opted for so that it lasts longer and there’s no need to go shoe shopping every few months.

Hope we helped you choose wisely!


What does walking on concrete do to your feet?

Walking on concrete for long term can lead to structural deformities of feet, ultimately leading up to the whole body. It may include many injuries, arch pain issues. Some cases of Plantar Fasciitis have been reported due to this as well. Osteoarthritis can initiate from this.

How to prevent your feet from hurting while having to work all day?

There are tons of ways available on the internet that help prevent and cure feet pains. Stretching, short walks and keeping feet elevated for a small period helps a lot. Moreover, the careful attitude while considering shoe shopping helps in proving beneficial.

Why is concrete bad for feet?

Concrete is really bad for feet as it messes with your natural feet shape. Disturbing the arch positions and tendons inside the feet, it might lead to Hammer toes or osteoarthritis.

What is important while shopping for shoes considering long working days?

The most important thing while shopping for shoes in such conditions is the comfort level and the breathability that they provide. It is useless to spend a lot on a footwear that lasts very short. And so, the durability also matters.

What has concrete bad effects on?

Concrete possesses a direct effect on the tendons and muscles that make up the arch of your feet. Thus it might be an agent that harms the actual and naturally designed feet shape. So you have got to be serious with walking in concrete a lot.

What type of shoes are best for walking all day?

For a long term wear daily, shoes that cover your feet properly or the ones that are warm and breathable help a lot. Wearing sandals or heels for a while day would not really be so great.


What you choose as your best shoe is completely different for each individuals. Considering all the general factors that makes a shoe best for walking on concrete we choose Fila Men’s Memory Work shift Slip Resistant Work Shoe. It is undoubtedly have all the qualities of a comfort shoe. It is light weight and breathable and above all it is non slip.

You should invest good and choose wisely as feet health is very important.

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