Top 10 Best Adidas Shoes For Nurses

Anyone who works in the healthcare industry—especially nurses—has extremely tough working hours. They work day and night and are accustomed to being on their feet for long hours. Therefore, wearing the right shoes is very critical for them as it will have a very important contribution to their feet health. So, making the right choice of shoes is very significant.

According to some nurses’ views, it is important to invest in some good, comfortable, and high-quality shoes. For nurses style and fashion comes later and comfort comes first. It is suggested to invest wisely and don’t go after some cheap shoes which will not serve the purpose later. There is a variety of designs are available in the market. Make sure to choose which fits your requirements. Take some time to do research and try not to make a hasty decision.

best adidas shoes for nurses

According to medical experts try buying a half size bigger than your normal size if you belong to the nursing profession. The reason is, sometimes you have to do 12 hours long shift. As a result, your feet might get swelling then this extra half size will help you to adjust your feet better and you do not feel discomfort.

The Importance Of Comfortable Shoes For Nurses

As we all know life as a nurse or health care worker has become difficult during the recent pandemic of the coronavirus. In this time our health workers have worked day and night for our betterment. Also, the hospital ward floors are usually cold and have hard surfaces.

In this kind of situation nurses and health workers must wear extremely comfortable shoes which are nonslip and provide full support. We would like to discuss some of the key factors to consider regarding comfortable shoes for nurses.

The Exhaustion!

So, there is no doubt that comfortable footwear is essential in fighting the exhaustion of the health care workplace.

But what are the attributes of a comfortable shoe? Well! Let’s find the answer.


One of the biggest attributes of a comfortable shoe must have been the footbed design. A footbed should be equal to a cushioning system for your foot. If the proper materials are used, the footbed can have an immense effect on your foot’s health. The right design will spread the pressure equally on your feet.


The lining is the inside material of the shoe, and it should be soft. If the lining is hard, it can create quite an amount of irritation. Therefore, always check the lining and its quality.

Shock Absorption

Obviously, with all the walking mileage a nurse has to do a comfortable shoe must have the ability to absorb the impact of each step. A good nursing shoe will use advanced technology that takes the edge off your step and diminishes the tiredness of your feet. You can find that some companies will incorporate a rubber foam called “Ethylene Vinyl Acetate”. This helps greatly in shock absorption.

Be Confident In Your Step

Tripping and slip incidents can happen anywhere but at least we should try to minimize them. A good nursing shoe will boost your walking confidence as you will not have any fear of slipping.

Be Comfortable Within Yourself

Undoubtedly, this is a very important aspect. You should be very confident and comfortable within yourself. In this way, you will help better in boosting the morals of your patients and other people around you. If you are not comfortable within yourself how you will be able to help others?

The Solution

So, what is the solution? The solution is to find and purchase the best comfortable nursing shoe to combat all your needs. Invest in some good pairs of shoes that you won’t regret later. Find a shoe that is right for you and fits the best. Make a healthy deal with your health and safety by selecting the right footwear for yourself and your job.

Here in this list, we provided the best Adidas shoes for nurses available in the market. Choose the one which is right for you.



Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe


  • Cloudfoam memory liners
  • Textile linings
  • Weight is 3 pounds
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Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost 19 Running Shoe


  • Synthetic upper region
  • Knitted linings
  • Weight is 1 pound
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Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker


  • A hybrid of cotton and polyester
  • Cloudfoam sock liners
  • Weight is 1 and a half pounds.
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Adidas Women’s Puremotion Adapt Running Shoe


  • Elastic straps
  • Cloudfoam cushioning
  • Weight is about 1 pound.
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Adidas Women’s Ultra boost Running Shoe


  • Stretch web outsoles
  • Stabilizing torsion system
  • Glass lens adaptations
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Adidas Men’s Duramo 9 Running Shoe


  • Mesh upper
  • Weight is almost 1 pound
  • Ortholite sock liners.
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Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam qt Racer Running Shoe


  • Mesh linings
  • The classic 3 stripped statement piece
  • Elastic upper body
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Adidas Men’s Response Super Running Shoe


  • TPU heel construction frame
  • Weight is 2 pounds
  • EVA sock liners
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Adidas Women’s Edge Lux Clima Running Shoe



  • Synthetic sole
  • Mesh upper
  • A little closer to one pound in weight.
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Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe


  • Weight is 1 pound
  • Shaft measures to low top of arch
  • Ortholite sock lining technique
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Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

Following the ultimate goal of Adidas to prove better and best in every field possible, this version of cloudfoam marketed footwear is again making it to the top in another list for shoes. It has Synthetic rubber soles for sturdiness. The complete use of synthetic materials in making this footwear makes it even sturdy for an everyday runner’s use.  This girl’s special fit is completely adorned with textile linings and knitted materials on the upper frame.

Being ranked amongst the road running shoes at number second, this footwear has padded collars that hug the feet ever so gently and prevent any mishaps as slipping or so and that proves the reason for it being a sports shoe.

With the perfect strapped in laces and the non-marking soles, this shoe hugs the feet with a stretchable knitted synthetic material.

The shaft height is about six inches makes it perfect for the arch support, and thus justifies why it is the best for full-day wear. Even the platform measures of the footwear reach up to three inches from the arch, enabling the stability to work even better by carrying the feet safely. If you’re in search of sturdiness, hands down, this footwear is the best daily wear out there.


  • Highly rich in cushioning.
  • Tractive midsoles.
  • Superior step-in comfort.


  • Slippery on sleek surfaces, especially in rains.

Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost 19 Running Shoe

When you first have a look at this shoe, it appeals to the eye with a very aesthetic range of colors to choose from. Upon touching it, you feel the soft paddings from the outside that help it climb up the list of best Adidas shoes for nursing.

This footwear is highly enriched with comfort and that is probably due to the sock liners and the paddings it has. The man-made sole stands out from all other versions and the textile linings add to its breathability. Considering breathability, the porous foams and tongues reduce the pressure on the weight-bearing bones and prevent many orthotic disorders.

The special use of motion weave technology is a symbol of having the most responsive cushioning, which might be less at the ball of feet, but is present in abundance at the desired regions.

Moreover, the footwear is flexible and helps the feet stretch according to the grounds. The durability and light weight of them attract more people to buy them as they’re a footwear with almost all desired properties.

  • Most responsive cushioning.
  • Pillow comfort.
  • Durable enough to last long.


  • Little cushioning at ball of feet.


Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker

For any seeker of comfortable footwear, Adidas is once again here to the rescue. And this time, another version of Grand Courts makes a highlight. This sneaker has a streamlined shape with the most convincing 70s look. It is a hybrid of cotton and polyester.

It has rubber soles. It comes in very soft color tones that bring the unique connection between old-fashioned pairs and the modern demanded ones.

More than being a shoe for a daily walk, this 3 stripped masterpiece has suede upper layers and a mesh framework that helps bring out the best of breathability supportive hybrids we’ve had so far.

On the level of comfort and breathability, this shoe speaks for itself. While the rubber soles add to stability, the hybrid of cotton and polyester constitute the maximum of the shoe. Moreover, the sock liners are made of cloudfoam materials, and the leather detailing add to the outlook.

Though it seems to be heavy, it is much lightweight and is easy to carry on the feet. Overall, this footwear is the perfect aesthetic that you’re in search of, and the comfort is just a plus.


  • Breathability due to mesh.
  • Unrivalled comfort.
  • Daily walk wear.


  • Not the best when it comes to durability.


Adidas Women’s Puremotion Adapt Running Shoe

Being Amazon’s choice, this footwear is a new version of classic old footwear which was all about comfort and ventilation back in the day. The upper region is made of textile and the soles are made of rubber. Both these components prove the breathability and sturdiness of the footwear.

For a long day shift of a nurse, you would not want your feet to smell and this problem is probably faced a lot. But this time, Adidas is here as a savior.

With this footwear, the cloudfoam cushioning works as wonders as the simple and sharp look of the feet that it molds. Even upon touching, it delivers a very foamy texture with a much roomier toe box.

Furthermore, the weight of this footwear brings your hand even closer to it as these many qualities wrapped in such a lightweight shoe are a rare thing to find. One problem that a lot of people face with shoes in general, is the non-removable insoles that get too irritating sometimes.

But with this version of classic retro booties, the soles are removable. The best part is that all these qualities work wonders for people with wide feet too. So literally, nobody is left out!


  • Elastic and stretch ability.
  • Roomy toe box.
  • Superior comfort.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Insoles are not removable.


Adidas Women’s Ultra boost Running Shoe

Because it is 100% synthetic, Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost Running Shoe has a proper ventilation system that lies inside the soles. It has stretch web outsoles and lace up closure. The small invisible pores allocate the needed space for air to keep passing in and out and this process helps the feet be stink-free and fresh.

The prime knit textile uppers in the shoe work magic for the comfort part as they provide a very sturdy structure for the feet to be enclosed in. Adding up to that, the traction support by this footwear is insane as it allows the feet to be completely safe for any expected or unforeseen occurrences to be damaging to the feet.

The removable soles and the lace-up closure enable the users to use them easily. Moreover, the outsoles are made of flexible stretch web. This helps the feet to adjust according to the ground and not be wrapped in a tight compact shape. If you are looking out for ventilated footwear for a long day shift, this is your option.


  • Traction support.
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable outlook.


  • Not the most durable pair.


Adidas Men’s Duramo 9 Running Shoe

Since being on your feet all day puts pressure on the sensitive regions more, your toes and heels need to feel safer. And for that, you need footwear with maximum orthopedic support. Our suggestion will be the Duramo 9 Running Shoe by Adidas.

Though this footwear is designed for a masculine foot, the color choices allow women to have fun with it too. With high durability and high breathability, this footwear stands out. The plush soles and roomy fit for wide feet add to its qualities of it.

Adding up to all the basic features, the imported origins bring out the best sock liners made with ortholite techniques. The adiwear outsoles maximize the comfort and pillow texture, and at the same time, the upper mesh holds the feet in place.

 Being a solution to the orthopedic problems of day workers, this footwear is another option by Adidas.


  • Extra-wide and roomy fit.
  • Arch support is top-notch.
  • Breathable paddings.


  • Not waterproof.


Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam qt Racer Running Shoe

No shoe can beat classic retro footwear with a variety of soft colors, that also work well for your tired feet. And Adidas seems to understand this theory very well. That is why it brings out footwear like qt Racer Running Shoe, which is very appealing on the first look but is a medicine for your tired feet too.

The street rider with only a 2-pound weight has mesh padded tongues and collars for support and breathability provision to ankles. The soft and comfortable fit with 3 stripes and the elastic upper body, makes it a brilliant option for comfort that lady’s all day.

Adding up to the tiny details on this shoe, the lace closure and the textile linings, both act like a small pendants decorating it. And being a bundle of strengthening qualities, this shoe is durable as well to carry through for a long time. You might want to get your hands on this classic shoe if you’re looking for both aesthetics and internal body.


  • Durability is a surety.
  • All day comfort provision.
  • Soft and padded collars.
  • Cushioning support.


  • A little expensive.


Adidas Men’s Response Super Running Shoe

For a long day at a job that requires commitment, you want a shoe that can stand the chaos of a thunderstorm. And so sturdiness becomes the primary cause while shopping for a shoe. With this new Adidas men’s response super running shoe, the stability and hold on the ground aren’t an issue. Even this shoe lasts longer and does justice to its price by being completely as durable as an average good shoe.

This shoe is rich with technologies like EVA sock liners and TPU heel construction, both of them, being a great addition to the conformity of stability. The zoned upper meshes and the ventilated collars of the shoe provide breathability and traction support at the same time.

And just like any Adidas shoe, comfort is an integral part of this one too. Teaming up all these qualities together, and adding the cherry of orthopedic support, this shoe is presented in the platter of best Adidas shoes for nurses.


  • Orthopedic support.
  • Removable soles.
  • Sturdy grip on feet.


  • Not waterproof.


Adidas Women’s Edge Lux Clima Running Shoe

The last thing that you need on a tiring long shift in the hospital, dealing with patients, is a poor orthopedic choice for your feet. To avoid any form of pain in the ankle or pain in the heel, you want a shoe that goes best even in socks and doesn’t smell at all.

And in such cases, the Edge Lux Clima Running Shoe becomes a great option, for the arch support that it has. With a synthetic sole of rubber and a sturdy grip on the ground, it eases up the feet and keeps it in a pillow fresh environment all the time.

Furthermore, the upper material is made of mesh and textile, both adding to the beauty and breathability of the shoe. With a regular fit, the lace closure packs the feet and adds a slight confirmative grip on them.

The heel measures being about 3 inches from the arch, help it be completely at home with the feet, and even after a long shift, your feet doesn’t feel as if it’s been caged the whole day.


  • Well knit.
  • Arch support is extra ordinary.
  • Removable insoles.
  • Step in comfort for feet.
  • Toe box is not deep.


Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe

This lite racer will help you walk and work smoothly on the slippery and sleek hospital floors, with its rubber sturdy soles. The shoe constitutes stretchable upper layers of mesh that is unlike a lot of footwear that get tight on your feet despite being elastic.

The sock-like nature of this shoe helps it hug the feet and be completely unnoticeable. The superior and unrivaled comfort that oozes out of it is a statement of the brand.

Moreover, the basic needs of any professional shoe like breathability, sturdiness, traction, cushioning, all are packed into this one piece. The special layering of ortholite sock liners and cloudfoam midsoles allow this shoe to make the feet feel like it’s too good to be true, for a shoe to exist like this. And that is why we found it to be the perfect choice to end the list with.


  • Superior comfort.
  • Breathability is better than many other ones.
  • Cushioning is supportive.


  • No support for activities like running.

Buyer’s Guide

After giving you so many options, we thought it would be great to give you a little help in order to choose from these options. Given below are our standard factors which might help you solve the query.

Comfort and breathability:

Every shoe starts with these two properties and that is just enough to ensure you the importance of these. For a long day at work especially, footwear with the best breathability and comfort is needed to cross out the stinky and tired feet as the day ends. So these are the best points to start with.

Arch support and cushioning:

When you’re dealing with a job that requires full-day standing or motion or any form of activity concerning a lot of footwork, you need to take good care of your feet as well. In this scenario, your footwear choice shall be revolving around cushioning properties and tractive forces.

Pricing and durability:

As far as pricing is concerned, it always goes along with durability. The shoe of your choice shall be durable enough to fit the price. It is if no use to spend dollars on a shoe that can’t stand a single wash. That is why these two factors always coordinate together.

These were the most important factors according to us, that normally concern a shoe shopping trip. Hope it proved helpful!


Why is Adidas such a popular brand?

There might be a lot of answers to this question, but the most certain and the most appropriate one is the fact that Adidas uses some of the most comfortable materials that go well with customer demands. So, customer service is the reason for the fame.

What Adidas shoes are best for nurses?

The best Adidas choice for nurses, is the Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe. The reason lies in the provision of maximum desired qualities by this this shoe.

What type of shoes are preferred by nurses?

By nurses, or any full day worker, sneakers are the priority. Moreover, leather and rubber are the preferred materials for the footwear. The reason for this is one very important factor, which is comfort.


Adding up to your ease slightly more, we have our personal favorites that might be your choice too. And definitely, it’s none other than Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe and Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost 19 Running Shoe. The fact that they have almost all the qualities that are required by a daily worker nurse, is why we choose them as our pick.

Since they are not machine washable, so a little trouble is there for you to deal with them. But it won’t count much when you read through the mentioned properties they portray. So if you’re still confused about your final pick, you can just go with ours. We won’t disappoint you!

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