Top 12 Best Shoes For Treadmill Walking | Ultimate Buying Guide!

You are going to find millions of articles online that define the importance of exercise and will give you recommendations for the best shoes for treadmill walking. But let us simplify it and enclose it in one sentence. “Exercise is life”. And yes, it truly is, for it defines what motion is in terms of the maintenance of the body’s health and mental peace. For a steady and stable life, exercise, or even simple Treadmill walking is sufficient.

While talking about exercises, one method that people find interesting is a treadmill walk. The reason why it is so famous is the fact that it is a very efficient way of weight loss as well. And so, it is highly recommended by physicians to people. We have conducted a survey from different individuals who used these shoes and then we were able to come up with this list of the top 12 best shoes for treadmill walking.

Troubles That Hard Exercise Often Brings:

Now as important and healthy exercise is, if you support it with wrong terms and conditions, it may prove dangerous. For example, working out too hard with body aches, or particularly in women’s menstrual cycle days. So, there are certain terms and conditions to work out. If not applied, the following damages can occur:

  • The body may get sore
  • The areas bearing stress may deform
  • Doing the wrong workout may result in bloating
  • Immobility might occur due to structural damages to feet bones

There are many things you can do to cover up for all of this. One is to choose professionally from the exercises that benefit you. Moreover, avoid hard term workouts. But the best thing one can do is carry out a treadmill walk for 30 min daily. It is not hurtful or deforming at all.

For that, you need to have proper footwear. You can’t just go around in casual slippers and start running on the treadmill. It will make no sense if one loses weight by deforming his feet.

The Possible Best Footwear Choice Shall Have:

  • There must be proper traction support
  • It must have ventilation set up
  • Comfort is a plus
  • Shock absorption and durability add to its purchase
  • If it is not too pricy, then that screams for it to be bought

Here is our recommendations for best shoes for treadmill walking:

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Skechers Men’s Afterburn Foam Lace-up Sneakers:


  • Rubber Soles
  • Padded Collars
  • Mesh Tongue
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New Balance Women’s Fuelcore Nergize V1 Sneaker


  • REVlite Midsoles
  • Lace-up Closure
  • NB Memory Insoles
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Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoes


  • Synthetic Sole
  • Low Top Shaft Height
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ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7


  • Synthetic
  • Lace-up Closure
  • Vinyl Ethylene Vinyl Soles
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Joomla Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes


  • Rubber Soles
  • Velcro Closures
  • Removable Insoles
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STQ Slip-on Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Women Fashion Sneakers Comfort Wedge Platform Loafers


  • Wide Toe Box
  • Elastic Cuffs
  • Thick Soles
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DOUSSPRT Women’s Walking Shoes Slip-on Sock Sneakers Lady Girls Nurse Mesh Air Cushion Platform Loafers


  • Rubber Soles
  • Elastic Cuffs
  • Pull-on Closure
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TIOSEBON Women’s Ballet Comfort Knit Slip-on Flat Shoes


  • Knitted Outsides
  • Phylon Soles
  • MD Outsoles
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Wonesion Women’s Walking Running Shoes Athletic Blade Non-Slip Tennis Fashion Sneakers


  • Pull-on Closure
  • Rare and Aesthetic Colors
  • Knitted meshes
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JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes Walking Non-Slip Blade Type Sneakers


  • Rubber Soles.
  • Lace-up Closure
  • Ultralight Meshes
  • Anti-Slip
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Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Walking Shoes


  • Pull-on Closure
  • Synthetic
  • Air-cooled Mats
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New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainers


  • Lace-up Closure
  • NB Soft Paddings
  • Rubber Soles for Traction Support
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Skechers Men’s Afterburn Foam Lace-up Sneakers:

If you ask a fitness freak about one thing that he desires to add up in his shoe while working out, I bet you the answer will be comforted. And that is not only is his choice, but it’s every shoe lover’s choice. In addition to providing comfort on the treadmill, this footwear, branded from Skechers is highly slip-resistant and so cuts out on those tiny injuries that often occur due to sliding.

Moreover, These cross trainers combine the metal tops with the leather meshes and provide a soft and smooth result for those walking on treadmills for the fit of their body. The lifetime warranty regarding the sole separation issues and the paddings in the heel pads provide extraordinary warmth and freshness to the feet that it needs through the sweaty workouts.

Just as every new piece has additional details, this model of Skechers includes ventilation systems that enhance the breathability factor and help thus, shoes become the ultimate choice in the best shoes for Treadmill Walking.

  • Lace-up closure allows sturdy grip on feet.
  • Metal tops prevent external damages.
  • Traction support entertains the prevention of any mishap.
  • Arch support highlights the orthopedic structure.

  • The flexibility of this footwear is not too excessive and hence is very rigid.


New Balance Women’s Fuelcore Nergize V1 Sneaker

To save you from those slipping on the treadmill and breaking bone moments, a new balance has come up with brand new footwear. Particularly styled for women, this shoe is the ultimate hybrid of mesh and synthetic fabrics.

Entertaining the feet through a nice and long treadmill run, the Fuelcore Nergize features REVlite soles. This feature is one of the very rare ones introduced in the footwear industry and rather than making the shoe pair even more expensive, it does not do much but makes it durable.

The NB memory follows up the REVlite features and allows the best possible arch support. In addition to being one of its choices from orthopedics, this footwear is a trademark in being sturdy to the feet. As hardcore as that sounds, it is much lightweight to feel like a pillow in literal words hence a perfect fit for treadmill walking. From the lace-up closure to the removable soles, this footwear consists of both inner breathability and an external aesthetic.

Although it has a small toe box, the recommendation is to get it half a size larger. Other than that, this footwear is probably the nearest to the perfect choice for treadmill walking shoes.

  • Rubber soles that are used in this footwear allot steadiness.
  • Lightweight enough to be carried easily.
  • The cushioning system of this footwear is brilliant.
  • Removable insoles for ease of use.


  • This footwear comes with a small toe box but that can be solved by taking half a size larger.

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoes

Even though these Skechers cross trainers are not waterproof and slip-resistant, the additional paddings are inserted for over-the-board comfort. For just a treadmill walk, waterproof features are not needed either but to lower down the skidding chances, a very firm bottom layout is present in these walking shoes.

Adding up to that, for ease of customer service, these shoes can be washed in the washing machine easily and that is maybe why they are one of the best customer choices for shoes for Treadmill Walking.

The shaft height is low on top and that might cause you to think otherwise in the ankle support part. But the overall fit of the shoe is so sturdy and compact, that it might be the best choice for arch support. The 5Gen cushioning system is working wonders so far in being porous enough to absorb the impact of tractive forces. And so, this certain footwear stands out in the rest of treadmill walking shoes due to its ventilation and breathability.


  • 5Gen cushioning technology for proper absorption of impactful forces.
  • Padded collars for comfort and breathability.
  • Flexibility is top-notch.
  • This certain footwear is machine washable as well and hence, is easy to clean.

  • Not waterproof and slip-resistant.
  • The arch support is not the best.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7

When you need shoes for certain occasions, you would want them to be completely considerate concerning that occasion. Similarly, if you want shoes for your athletic fit or shoes for your workout or treadmill walking, they need to be athletic as well.

Introducing Gel-Venture 7, ASICS has something special to satisfy you in terms of customer service. This particular piece from the brand comes in with the most prominent features including the Ortholite X-40 outlines that help provide extra support and base to the feet. The GEL techniques that are used in this shoe help support the anti-fatigue inbuilt system of this footwear from ASICS.

Furthermore, Providing the obvious and basic qualities of a good shoe pair like comfort, breathability, ventilation, and traction support, this footwear also has a very aesthetically pleasing sight for the buyers. Becoming The major highlight of this brand, the Gel-Venture 7 is one of the best choices for the treadmill runners out there.

  • Ortholite X-40 liners are present for traction support.
  • Shock absorption properties provide additional details.
  • GEL technology is used to provide cushioning.


  • Since the shaft height is lower than normal boots, there is no ankle support in these booties.

Joomla Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes

Coming very true to its title, this footwear is so exclusively lightweight that it almost feels like you’re walking barefoot. With absolutely no weightage to carry, the feet feel fresh for the long term, even a whole day.

Joomla is not a very known brand and so these statement pieces add to the label much more. The consideration while making this footwear must have been phenomenal as it is filled with every property that is desired to carry out a healthy workout session including the treadmill walking that seems much easier.

The flexibility along the ridges of the toe box gives it a very elastic stretch that does wonders to the feet. Moreover, it has all the orthopedic and arch support that is desired out there. The tractive enhancers and the lining paddings are porous enough to support absorption and pronation which leads to multiple fatigues. This footwear is most certainly, the best choice to keep your feet fresh throughout and hence is a great option for seekers of treadmill shoes.


  • This footwear is light enough to be carried through a long treadmill walk.
  • Traction support is the best and helps prevent injuries.


  • This footwear is not durable enough.

STQ Slip-on Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Women

Dropping on the typical concept of loafers being uncomfortable, this version of STQ slip-on provides pillow comfort and keeps the feet fresh and scented throughout the day.

For short-term treadmill walks, this footwear is most likely to be the ultimate choice but for long-term use also, this footwear has an inner built-in setup for maximum protection against slipping.

Moreover, The wide toe box allows this footwear to be a great inexpensive choice for those wide fore footers out there. The paddings have the mechanism to transfer the impact of tractive forces into the energy used for reverberation against the cushioning and this marks out as the specialty of this piece.

For the fitness freaks, walking on a treadmill is one of the basic to-dos throughout their schedule and since that requires a lot of feet activity, the worn shoe pair must be supportive of the arch and the ankles. And this certain edition of STQ seems to be fulfilling that requirement of the customers. Hence it might be the best shoe for treadmill walking.

  • Versatile usage in almost every activity.
  • Prevents the feet from getting stinky or smelly.
  • Lightweight enough to be easily worn.


  • These booties are not water-resistant and that might reduce the durability.

DOUSSPRT Women’s Walking Shoes Slip-on Sock Sneakers

The MD dragon soles along with the EVA cushioning foams form a combination of traction support and comfort and this particularly becomes the highlight of this DOUSSPRT footwear. Including the air-cushioned mesh, this shoe is very fitting and comfortable for the feminine feet, unlike the typical sneakers that mostly alter the shape of the feet.

Apart from this, The elastic cuffs not only add to the aesthetic of this shoe but enhance the ease of use and make it easier to put on n second.  Other than that, this footwear is not only made for treadmill usage, but you can wear it on a hike, a long walk, a match run-up, a climbing game.

To sum up we can say that it has all the desired qualities for all of the mentioned strolls. Providing comfort and a soft foamy bed to the feet, this footwear might be one of the most rated shoes of all time.


  • Proper ventilation setup allows the feet to stay fresh.
  • Versatile terms of usage in almost all types of mild situations.
  • MD outsoles for retainable compact forms.


  • In some cases, leakages were reported but better and careful use helps a lot.

TIOSEBON Women’s Ballet Comfort Knit Slip-on Flat Shoes

TIOSEBON is not an everyday brand, but this edition just added to their fame. This Women’s Ballet shoe has another level of breathability and cushioning support that not a lot of brands offer. The soles show a knitted blanket over them that allows comfort and warm wear to the feet.

The outer soles have a very main compartment of MD dragon. This enables the feet to be completely strategic against all the expected sudden traction and cushioning moments.

The orthopedic support with this piece is outrageous and that makes for the reason why this footwear has branded TIOSEBON more than any of its other models. Although this shoe does not stretch a lot, that has nothing to do with the comfort that it provides.

The inborn flexibility is lacking but the soft and firm fit that secures the feet covers up for the elasticity. Due to all these reasons, this certain representative has successfully made it to the list of best shoes for Treadmill Walking.


  • This footwear option has various further choices for wide feet.
  • The flexibility of this one is top-notch.
  • Lightweight enough to be carried easily.

  • The toe box is not wide and hence you need to be wise while choosing sizes.

Wonesion Women’s  Athletic Blade Non-Slip Sneakers

Indoor exercises like simple workouts or treadmill runs require footwear that fits in the title of shoe that provides a soft stride. Well with this one piece from Wonesion, that requirement is marked tick. No matter how much time you’re spending on a treadmill, this shoe has got you.

Furthermore, with the provision of extraordinary comfort, the anti-fatigue features of this footwear are marked high due to the inner sock liners that add to the traction support of this footwear.

Moreover, the breathable mesh foams and the ventilated porous outsoles provide a very small and invisible but present passage to the oozes of smell that sometimes occur naturally due to long hard activities. Moreover, a very rare thing with such occasional shoes is that they are not stylish much to the demands.

Well, that is not the case with this shoe pair as this not only has a beautiful color palette to choose from, but the styling is unique and something that you don’t see very often.

To sum up we can say that these are a few of some of the many reasons why this shoe shall be included in the list of best shoes for Treadmill Walking.


  • The outlook of this footwear is very unique.
  • The ventilation system works wonders in keeping feet fresh throughout the usage.
  • Prevents smelly feet.
  • Ankle support is like a highly defined orthopedic recommendation.

  • This shoe might not be the ultimate choice for wide forefoot people.

JSLEAP Men’s  Walking Non-Slip Blade Type Sneakers

With the provision of anti-slip blade liners, this piece from JSLEAP has turned out to be the trademark of the brand. With ultra-light meshes and foamy heel pads, this footwear possesses every single comfort-giving property that you need for indoor activities like treadmill walking.

Hence, the additional system for ventilation sets the feet in a nice fresh environment throughout the day. In combination with MD trapped soles, the EVA midlines perform a wonderful job at keeping the feet nice and cozy like it’s on a soothing pillow.

Due to these features, A very sweaty activity like that of running on the treadmill for hours gets easy and the feet do not feel sweaty. Hence this shoe pair has become one of the top favorites of athletes and other fitness men Due to all the athletic and orthopedic support given by it.

  • The ventilation system of this footwear is the topliner.
  • Shock absorption techniques are modified for better resorption.
  • A versatile usage ranges.

  • This footwear is certainly not waterproof.
  • Not the best choice for harshly cold weather.
  • Insoles are not removable.

Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Walking Shoes

Crowning Skechers again, the Ultra impeccable walking shoe has made it to the list of best shoes for Treadmill Walking. From the easy pull-on closure to the soft toe cap, covering in the middle, the heel pads, and the footbeds, this footwear is truly magical towards the feet.

In addition to the typical properties, it has soft ultra go cushioning that gives the feet a very smooth ride through the court of the treadmill run.

Preventing all the expected slipping moments, helps the feet work harder to get the body in the desired form. Alongside being an athletic fit, this footwear is also an amazing trail companion as it gets through all the king runs. Consuming in all the athletic requirements, the aesthetic outlook also speaks for this and hence allows it to be one of the best shoes for Treadmill Walking and many such indoor and outdoor activities.


  • This footwear is most certainly slip-resistant
  • The rebound cushioning techniques add to its sales
  • This footwear is much durable than any of the others mentioned in the list


  • The soles are not removable, but they do not count much in opposition to the other factors.

New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainers

To end the list, we added a brand-new edition from New Balance and this shoe speaks for itself. With the rarest technologies, this pair of slim wear has included phantom liners in the outer built of it.

These liners are known to provide the most effective resorption out there and thus help this footwear to develop its brand. The NB paddings add a very soft and gentle bed for the feet to settle in.

The use of leather with these shoes has proven more orthopedic support than any cross trainer out there. The extended use of rubber in its sole add comfort to the feet and sturdiness to the ground. It helps to have a very firm grip on even slippery surfaces like that of a treadmill. And this, helps in the prevention of skidding, enabling the surety of safe stride through the session.

To conclude we can say that the podiatrists have found this the perfect choice to end the list of best shoes for Treadmill Walking with.


  • This footwear comes in with EVA Dragon soles that provide resorption facilities.
  • The PU foam provides comfort and freshness to the feet.

  • This footwear is not efficiently lightweight, but it is not much heavy as well.

How To Choose Wisely? Our Recommendations!

To ease your trouble while choosing one from the above mentioned, we have listed out some of the very desired qualities in priority order, that you need to look for in a shoe while shopping for treadmill walking. If a shoe has most of these features then we recommend, you opt for it.

Shock Absorption:

While running on a treadmill, you need footwear that overcomes the impact of the constantly occurring resorption forces. There must be a system in the shoe that absorbs all the shock-producing forces and provides a lot of comfort to the feet in terms of being stable on the ground.

If this doesn’t happen, you’ll face the worst-case scenario, which is slipping and falling. That might lead to an injury that you do not want. So why not avoid the issue, choosing wisely.


While running constantly on the treadmill, it is a high chance to get sweaty feet as that is a hard exercise on the muscles. For such an obvious occurrence, you need to have a shoe that allows the oozes of smell to be properly ventilated through the material.

Leather in such cases is the worst choice. Fabric and porous materials help a lot as they have almost invisible pores that do the job without being too obvious. So, our ultimate recommendation includes ventilation as the second priority so that you do not get stinky feet.


Comfort is always the most desired supporting factor when shopping for any type of clothing and apparel. It always feels good to put on a shoe that keeps your feet fresh and soft throughout the long-term wear out.

Given the scenario we are talking about right now, there shall always be a soft corner for footwear that provides pillow softness to your feet. It is impossible to run on the treadmill for an hour in a shoe that hurts your feet. So that concludes our third priority, comfort.

A More Durable Option:

Durability is one of the most prominent features while looking for any shoe. Spending dollars on a shoe that only lasts a month, is a stupid thing to do. So, we recommend that you go for a shoe choice that lasts you longer than any ordinary provides in the market.


What type of shoe is mostly liked for treadmill walking?

For activities like running on a treadmill, warm and comfortable footwear is desired. To be more specific, a sneaker or jogger style shoe which encloses the feet softly and has soft and smooth fabrics to keep the feet breathable and fresh is the most likable option.

Is it okay to walk barefoot on the treadmill?

No! Walking on the treadmill barefooted is not a wise choice as sometimes the treadmill gets hot and the feet start burning on it. Moreover, the direct contact of feet with such tractive forces may lead to bad cushioning moments.

Can treadmill walk lead to foot pains?

Answer: Not majorly, but sometimes overworking on a treadmill may lead to back pains and foot pains that radiate through the course of the body. It mostly occurs when you have sensitively designed feet that may get damaged due to the traction strokes of the forces.

Is it okay for the feet to regularly run on the treadmill?

Answer: As much as the treadmill helps those who want to lose weight and stay fit, daily overuse may lead to some changes in the body. Specifically, such harsh activities throughout the periodic cycle in women can lead to hormonal misbalancing. So the most recommended time frame to work on a treadmill is 30 min a day. This is the safest and efficient way.


From all the information that is mentioned above, we have picked out our personal favorite that we would like to recommend to you. And looking upon all the key attributes, the pros, and the cons, our absolute pick is the number one mentioned edition in the list, Skechers Men’s Afterburn Foam Lace-up Sneakers.

In explanation to why we chose this piece, we’d like to cast a look back on the features it offers. The metallic tops, lace-up closure, mesh tongues, and padded collars. All scream comfort and sturdiness. And those are the most important features while talking about treadmill walks.

Furthermore, it is an anti-skid. And that is basically why we recommend you buy this footwear and spend a lot less on this masterpiece, in comparison to the other ones out there.

We hope, this piece of writing helped you choose and spend wisely.

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