Top 11 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

If you play basketball and you have wide feet, we do understand how difficult it can be to find a perfect shoe pair for you. In this article, we will look at some of the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

To find shoes with wide feet can be problematic so we have come up with the ultimate solutions for you. We have gathered the top 10 best basketball shoes for wide feet list to make your life easy. We have tried these best basketball shoes for wide feet and later in this article, we will look into them in more detail.

Value Of Sports

Not everybody is a sportsman, and to be a sportsman is not everybody’s game. Coming true to this, most often sportsmen have a very different perspective of life. They have a very fast daily routine and schedule. They have a more broad view of what a 30 min game can teach them.

Best basketball shoes for wide feet

Furthermore, after cricket, a game that has an international fan base is basketball. There must be one, for it is a very engaging and exciting game. But upon research, it has been cleared that basketball players have a certain mindset that pushes them to take care of their feet the way they have never done before in their life. The reason lies in the importance of the feet.

Also, it is believed that there is nothing more active in the body than feet are on the expert’s behalf. There is an explanation for this stating that feet do the most work in the whole body except when you’re lying. You have to grab a glass of water, get up, and put effort on your feet to get you there.

As simple it is, it is much important to realize their importance in your life Especially when you’re a player or a sportsman, you need to take extra care of them. For your feet can get you smoothly through a course of ground play. If you’re a basketball player and you cannot kick the ball hard enough, you’re of no use to the team. So as important it is to have a passion and experience in the game, it is very important to have proper care of your feet.

Common Problems Faced By Basketball Players

Given below are some of the most highlighted and common problems that come across you, when you’re a basketball player:

  • Bruises in the thigh region.
  • Injuries that damage knees.
  • Fractures to feet muscles.
  • Ankles get sprained.
  • Problems are due to wide feet.

If we look upon these issues, all of these have something to do with feet. The muscles inside the feet are extremely sensitive to bear with any type of injury. That is why preventive care is a must.


These are the most top-listed things to do on regular basis. The main thing is the correct type of footwear. Wearing a shoe for a long time molds your feet into its form and so if you have the right footwear, your feet will certainly be more protected than any other thing.

What Is The Perfect Footwear?

Like any other thing in the world, shoes can also not be perfect or without any harm. But the best shoe will be the one with the least effective cons. While considering basketball, shoes with the following properties shall be prioritized:

  • Traction support.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • Anti-fatigue.
  • Proper toe box for feet’ width.

Now let’s have a look at the shoes that fulfill these properties and are the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Under Armour Unisex-Child Grade School Jet 2019


  • Purely synthetic fiber material
  • Rubber material
  • Shaft height of mid-top
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Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe


  • Lace-up closure
  • Padded collars for the comfort of ankles
  • A rubber insole
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Under Armor Unisex-child Grade School Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe


  • Plush liners for extra support
  • Padded collars
  • Air mesh tongue
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Adidas Men’s Harden Step- back Basketball Shoe


  • Rubber soles
  • Lace-up closure
  • Unisex
  • Foam padding
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Nike Men’s Air Force 1’07 An20 Basketball Shoe


  • Rubber insoles
  • Combination of Canvas and cashmere
  • Shaft height is low top
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Adidas Men’s Own-the-game Basketball Shoe


  • Lace-up closure
  • Synthetic material plus hybrid of mesh
  • Cloud foam cushioning
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Under Armor Men’s Basketball Shoe


  • Web-like lacing pattern
  • EVA liners
  • Shaft height of almost mid to top
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Mevlzz Men’s Running Shoes, Air Low Top


  • Mesh fabric for comfortable linings
  • Air unit for proper ventilation
  • Cross trainer fit
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LI-NING All-City Wade Men Cushioning Basketball Shoes


  • Rubber insoles for pillow comfort
  • Lace-up closure to secure the feet
  • EVA and TPU soles
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Adidas Men’s Hoop 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoe


  • Pure textile
  • Rubber soles
  • Pull-on the closure to grip the feet
  • EVA liners
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12. Adidas Unisex Adult Harden Step-back 2.0 Basketball Shoe


  • Pure synthetic fiber used in making it
  • Lace-up closure
  • Easy pull on as well
  • Unisex
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Now, lets have a closer look on all these best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Under Armor Unisex-child Preschool Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe

Are you a basketball player in search of best basketball shoes for wide feet that will keep you surefooted even on a banana peel? Well, there’s nothing to worry about with these Under Armors. The EVA soles not only confirm the steadiness on the ground but allot extensive breathability and stability. In addition, there is a TPU toe cap for protection and warmth of toes.

Best basketball shoes for wide feet

Nonetheless, with the proper ventilation system and traction for wide feet, these will keep you sturdy on the gaming ground and the roadside troll as well. That might be the reason why they are the number 1 bestsellers. The soft hybrid of mesh and textile used in making these shoes is one of its kind that gives additional shape and rigidness to the footwear.

Also, the shaft height of the mid-top adds to the comfort of the ankles as well. Hence, the authenticity of comfort ensures that these perfectly are anybody’s choice for the best shoes for basketball.


  • Tiny perforations allow perfect ventilation.
  • Keeps the feet breathable enough to prevent stinking.
  • Insoles provide pillow comfort.
  • Traction support against injuries.
  • Most prominent cushioning that helps to get through a sturdy game.


  • Certain conditions may cut down the durability.
  • Not everybody’s choice as far as the price is concerned.

Under Armor Men’s Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe

While covering the feet for such sports that require a lot of time and long-term wear out, shoes are meant to be breathable and supportive for the feet muscles. With this certain piece of Under Armors, nobody has to worry about the few rights of the feet. As fulfilling it is for gameplay, it is beneficially supportive of the certain orthopedic factors that allot safety to the muscles and other skeletal structures of the feet.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Providing an absolute comfort of a pillow level, even to the wide feet, this footwear has a slip-on that proves their easiness to put on. This imported version of perfect shoes is unisex and does not limit its uses just to a masculine or a feminine foot.

The other features of its highlights are the ventilating foams and the perforated rubber that provide traction support to the best, making them the obvious choice that appeals to a player and make it the best basketball shoe for wide feet.


  • This shoe pair is unisex and can be worn by both men and women.
  • A vast range of color choices is available.
  • Ventilation is due to porous foam that encircles the coverage.
  • Compactly grips the feet and does not feel heavy weighted at all.


  • Gets dirty easily.
  • Not durable enough.

Under Armor Unisex-child Grade School Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe

With the most perfect EVA midsoles, these lockdown 5 sneakers have proven to put a lockdown on slipping and injuries. Just like the best player shall be the most active, the best footwear shall be the most sturdy. And so do these put a strong grip on the feet through their lace-up closure and the compact form and hence embrace the feet ever so warmly.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

The plush linings and air mesh tongues have proven nothing better than padding to let proper ventilation move the feet smoothly but Keep it breathable. Not being heavy to carry like other shoes for sports, this certain footwear is extraordinary in being lightweight and stylish.

Hence, it succeeds in making sure the comfort of the toe while kicking the ball, confirming the safety of the feet being enclosed in it. To prove them to be the best shoe pair for basketball, these have a traction pattern, allowing perfect hold, not only to the feet but the ground.


  • A proper traction patterning on the shoes allow support in games.
  • Breathability is due to air mesh tongue.
  • Lace-up closure confirms the string grip on the feet.
  • Beautiful design that adds style to the game.


  • Not the easiest to deal with regarding cleaning.
  • Long term closure might suffocate the feet.

Adidas Men’s Harden Step- back Basketball Shoe

The fact that this pair is not for wide feet, does not help to take it off the list of the best shoes for basketball. There are many plus points of this footwear, one of them being a shoe pair for both men and women. Yes, this footwear is unisex. So, if you’re a basketball player with raised arches, these pair of Adidas booties are for you.

Best basketball shoes for wide feet

Adding up to the unisex feature, the aesthetic of this footwear is a plus just like any other Adidas trademark. The lace-up closure and the Adidas sign add to it. The inborne breathability and traction support is another thing that shall be talked about.

Other than the fact that this pair is imported, the rubber used in making is also imported. This is another surety to the authenticity of this footwear.

The stretchable soles and bottoms, and the comfortable forefoot by wide feet, ensure the toe protection and help make this footwear, one of the best choices for best basketball shoes for wide feet.


  • This shoe pair is unisex, allows both masculine and feminine feet.
  • The strong grip on feet allows comfort as well as traction support.
  • Shaft height up to the mid-ankle is comfortable enough for the sturdy structure of feet while games.
  • Not the ideal choice for wide feet.

Nike Men’s Air Force 1’07 An20 Basketball Shoe

With Nike Air branding on the back, these basketball shoes have it all. It is extremely stylish and perfectly fits the modern aesthetic. From toes to heel to ankles, adding up to the warm cover, they embrace the feet so gently but rigidly that it is almost impossible to feel uncomfortable.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

The reason why we end the list with Nike is over the top style of this footwear that proves to be all in one for any Hooper. In addition, the hybrid of canvas and cashmere adds to the beauty by the antique fit that they add to this footwear. The shaft height up to the low top adds warmth and a holding grip to the ankles.

The inner foaming not only gives the bottom a compact structure but makes the whole shoe deliver a look of rigidness. This does none but adds to the sturdiness of the feet on the ground and helps in playing an anti-slip and tension-free game.


  • Variety in colors and sizes.
  • Extremely durable and wearable.
  • Proper traction support for plain fields.
  • Comfortable and pleasing inner foaming.
  • Might lead to skidding on much softer surfaces.

Adidas Men’s Own-the-game Basketball Shoe

While considering footwear, Adidas is one brand to look up to for everyone. Irrespective of the needs, whether you want footwear to stroll on the roadside, a sneaker for jogging or walking exercise, a nice jogger for your outfit, or simply footwear for your weekend’s basketball game, Adidas has it all. The first look of this piece screams a unique and robotic design.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

This article of Adidas in particular is a statement piece. The reason all lies in the soles, the material, and the hands behind making it. With its hybrid mesh and synthetic linings, this piece has a foamed cushioning supported by a high-top shaft height for a more sturdy grip on feet.

In addition, they allot, proper toe box for the comfort of wide feet. With three stripes, the trademark of Adidas, these booties are a perfect choice for basketball games as it prevents bending of the feet while they strike. Moreover, the durability and breathability are a stamp on its brilliancy.

In conclusion, a basketball player cannot go over the best basketball shoes for wide feet list, without having thought over this one.

  • The compact structure embraces the feet ever so slightly to help play a steady sport.
  • Extremely cushioned and traction support paddings that add to additional details of the footwear.
  • A high-top shaft allows perfect warmth to the ankles.


  • It might be slightly painful to take off.
  • Not the best for wide feet.

Under Armor Men’s Basketball Shoe

This shoe has Synthetic material used with a slight mixture of textiles. This excellent performer has so far done wonders for the players of not only basketball but other court running games as well. The reason hides in the flexibility of this secure fit that folds and bends the feet ever so smoothly that presents it as an unreal happening.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Beyond the majestic design, this slim fit wear has EVA soles which have helped maintain the balance on the ground, irrespective of it being a flat foot or a high arch. All these features makes it the best basketball shoe for wide feet.

The weight is almost like an ordinary sneaker, in a less count that adds up to the plus points of this footwear. The mid-top shaft height allows warming of ankles and succeeds in accepting it a part of feet while kicking the ball in the court, unlike other footwear.

Also, the design is just a surety to the shoe being one for gaming as it screams a gamer’s name. Above all, the webbed lacing adds to the symbol of sturdiness, and this makes the footwear stand out in the best basketball shoe choices for wide feet.

  • Extreme ankle support is provided due to padded collars.
  • Breathability is top-notch.
  • The sturdiness is the highlight of this particular piece.
  • Ankle support by this shoe is compared to no other.


  • Might not be the most durable pair out there.

Mevlzz Men’s Running Shoes, Air Low Top

Providing the most athletic wear to the feet playing basketball on the court, these cross trainers have added an extra breathability pattern to them by enabling an air unit for proper ventilation. The tiny invisible pores in the rubber foams create a smooth passageway for the air to escort in and out the shoe, keeping the feet breathable.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Moreover, the fabrics used in making it are extremely soft in their texture and so keep the feet entirely padded and hence make the player tension-free as far as his feet are concerned.

For a player, the sight clinging on to the ball matters the most, and with the help of these trainers, he shall be able to not only catch on to the ball but keep his feet adjusted to it as it removes the feeling of discomfort and tiredness.

These features are possibly the ones to look at the most while choosing for best basketball shoes for wide feet.


  • Shaft height of low top keeps the feet warm till ankles.
  • Easy to put on and off, weightless.
  • Versatile in the color and size ranges as well as usage.


  • They might give a screeching sound on a certain type of floor.

LI-NING All-City Wade Men Cushioning Basketball Shoes

The most important thing for the best shoe for basketball is the consideration of whether the footwear is comfortable and breathable. And so, this certain piece makes its way up the list. The reason is the EVA midsole that provides all the comfort needed to the feet.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

The rubber soles allow ventilation and breathability due to tiny perforations present in them. Moreover, the TPU material in the outer wrapping does not suffocate the feet but keeps it purely air-connected.

These booties have a proper technique to absorb the traction impacts and convert the effects into energy, much needed for the feet. This additional feature highlights their importance much more. The TUFF RB material and mid to low top shaft height help cover the whole lot of the feet.

Other than that, this pair is extremely versatile as it can be used for a play in the ground, a walk on the track, a workout on the ground, and almost anything athletic. Resultantly, a basketball player has to have this pair in his collection of best basketball shoes for wide feet, mainly wide feet. Moreover, many warm colors are available in a beautiful styling pattern.


  • Anti-skid, and so helps prevent injuries in the field.
  • Proper shock absorption allows the feet to sit stably.
  • Wearable enough to fill in the cost.


  • In some cases, or certain feet shapes, it might lead to suffocation of toes.

Adidas Men’s Hoop 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

Adding another feather to the crown of Adidas in having the best possible athletic choices for sportswear, this certain article of them is a masterpiece. In addition to the EVA soles that provide pillow comfort, these pairs have a technical setup for traction support that highlights why they should be the best choice for shoes for basketball.

Best basketball shoes for wide feet

Furthermore, with these hoop sneakers, Adidas has once again succeeded in fulfilling the desires of a typical player’s needs for playing the perfect and most smooth basketball game. The breathability is a plus factor, as it not only prevents stinking and smelling but also allows the feet to feel comfortable and steady while the game.

For a player, the fall and hit of the ball are much more important than the comfort of his feet, but if the feet are not sturdy, he might not be able to focus on the ball. This explains the need for compact and sturdy footwear for basketball and for wide feet.


  • The fabric sock liner helps the feet to breathe in the comfort.
  • Proper ventilation system, that prevents stinking.
  • Rubber soles that grip the feet not too tight but warmly.


  • Not water-resistant and so the durability is reduced.

Adidas Unisex Adult Harden Step-back 2.0 Basketball Shoe

Once again Adidas makes its way up this list by adding this Step back edition to the choices for the best basketball shoes for wide feet . Though there are many other features of this shoe similar to that of other choices mentioned above like breathability, durability, traction support, comfort, and so on. But the most outspoken feature is the fact that it is certainly the most outrageous pair for wide feet.

Best basketball shoes for wide feet

Though it is not water-resistant, avoiding that situation makes it durable enough to fulfill the cost. The enormous traction support is most suitable for wide feet players and hence, this performer with Adidas trademark symbol on the side proves to be one of the most stable and sturdy pair, exiting out the slipping on the grass.

Moreover, it is bendable enough to keep the feet safe in those flexible moments where you need elasticity to cope with. The toe flexibility provides support not only to the toes but the whole feet by allowing the perfectly sized toe box for both the toes and the forefoot, making them, the best basketball shoes for  wide feet.

  • This footwear has a toe cap for warmth and comfort of the toes.
  • Flexibility helps in an elastic play
  • Durable and breathable enough.
  • Can easily fit in the budget.
  • These are not water-resistant.
  • The size is slightly bigger than the size chart.

Buyer’s Guide, A Tiny Booklet From Us!

Let’s consider that you’re a basketball player and you have to buy a new pair specially designed for your game coming up next weekend. Now you were too inquisitive about what you shall opt for and you googled it and came across our article.

After reading the article, you were completely familiar with the pros and cons while shopping for shoes for basketball. But then a confusion rings up your head. What exactly shall be your number one choice? There is so much to choose from, so many varieties and so many qualities.

To solve this mystery of yours, we have listed some priorities to help you figure out the best possible choice for shoes. Following are some of the factors that shall be considered a priority for best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Traction And Cushioning Support:

The ultimate choice of footwear shall be dependent on the traction and cushioning that they provide. The absorption of the impact of forces that occur when a player comes across an injury is all that’s needed by basketball-based footwear. In these choices, cross trainers are considered to be one of the wisest choices as they provide traction beyond imagination. They have but in features that allow perfect cushioning to the feet and thus help continue the game smoothly.

On the contrary, if you have the wrong footwear on while a game and you hit a bad traction moment, you might not be able to continue through the game. And so it is very important to be considerate with this certain factor.

Comfort And Breathability:

You do not want stinky feet after the game. To prevent that from happening, you need to choose shoes with the best breathability. There shall be a proper ventilation system in it to allow the passage of air and keep the feet fresh in this way, your feet will not smell much.

Also, comfort is a plus point. You can’t just keep taking rest throughout the game as that does not go well with timings very often. So, to prevent your feet from getting tired, the shoe of your choice shall have the provision of pillow comfort by it.

Price And Durability:

This is the most obvious factor that you need to have a look at, you need to opt for shoes that are not much pricy and that also fits your budget. Being wise with the way you buy footwear is the most gentle thing one can do to their budget. Crossing the myth of “it’s just a shoe”, you need to be considerate that it shall not be much pricy but be wearable enough to last long.

This ends our list of priorities. We hope it helped you!


Can running shoes work for games like basketball?

 Yes, running shoes can be an alternate for basketball shoes. The reason is that running shoes allow the feet to move smoothly on hard surfaces and have an extraordinary traction support system against all possible injuries. They have cushioning techniques to convert the impact of force into energy. The same is the function required by a basketball shoe. So running shoes can be used as basketball shoes

What happens if you do not wear proper shoes for basketball?

If you do not wear proper footwear for such feet-dependent activities, it is a chance that it might lead to severe conditions like harsh injuries of feet muscles, Plantar Fasciitis, osteoarthritis, etc.

Can basketball shoes be used casually?

Yes, basketball shoes are great for casual wear because these are one of the most protective shoes and you never know when you’re meeting an injury. So you must always be protected.

What type of shoes are considered best for basketball?

Amongst many many choices, cross trainers have proved to be the best choice for basketball players as they have all the qualities that are needed by a shoe to last through games like basketball.

How much are shoes important for games?

If we say that after experience and passion, shoes are the most important for games, it would not be wrong. The feet are the most important body part that is responsible for sturdily holding the body. In games when you need hard and fast motions, these are the best partners too.


After closely reviewing all the shoes described above, we have come to the point that all these are the best shoes for wide feet for one reason or another. But if we have to make a choice, we will recommend Under Armor Men’s Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe.

These shoes are lightweight which is an essential element for a sports shoe. Moreover, it has mesh fabric for added breathability features. This feature allows feet to remain Kool and stress-free. Overall design and construction of the shoes are also ideal for a sports shoe.

Nonetheless, you can make your own choice according to your needs and taste. We are glad that we helped you in some way or other in choosing your ideal shoes.

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