Top 10 Best Children’s Shoes For Wide Feet

Let’s be honest, if you’re a parent, you must have faced many issues regarding your child’s feet hurting through the day. If your child has wide feet, then there must be a lot of times when he comes home after a long day at school and starts crying about his feet and complains that they hurt. Now that is the very responsible situation for you to overcome this damage that the typical cheap sneakers are causing to your child’s feet which often include:

  • The feet get too red due to hard gripping.
  • There are certain marks on the pull-on areas.
  • The toe region is too hard that it’s almost non-flexible.
  • The footwear is too tight that it causes the whole foot to hurt due to pressure on feet bones.

Problems Faced By Children With Wide Feet:

All the above-mentioned problems become more prominent when your child is one with wide feet. Now we have to be considerate towards the fact that having wide feet is certainly not an unlucky scenario unless you take good care of it. If you do not do that, then you might face a lot of problems including orthopedic damage, redness of feet, feet getting too null, having pains radiating throughout the body.

So, you can most generally say, that having wide feet can get slightly problematic for your child as he’s at the age to just play carelessly and not worry a single about his feet care. So, resultantly the charge is on you.

Possible Cures For Wide Feet:

There is only one thing that can treat the very often occurring pains that your child faces due to wide feet, and that consults with the correct approach while shopping for shoes.

While shopping for shoes, certain factors shall be kept into consideration for your child’s wide feet.

  • The shoe under thought must be the best in terms of orthopedic support.
  • The support shall reach up to the ankles, so the feet stay in a nice compact structure.
  • The comfort and breathability shall be top-notch.
  • The ventilation system shall be working efficiently so the feet don’t get sweaty and stinky.
  • Moreover, if it is slip-resistant and water-friendly, then that is a plus as those are the typical circumstances a child may face.

What Type Of Shoe Is The Best For This Scenario?

In such cases, and keeping an eye on such requirements, your child’s feet shall be enclosed in a warm sneaker with a rubber sole. The reason for this recommendation is that the children often spend their days playing around on the grounds they like. Without being careful about the slipping they might face, and the dirt their shoe might get.

best children shoes for wide feet

So, there shall be footwear that is at least slip-resistant to avoid any fracture. Footwear that is easy to wash as we might’ve noticed that children’s shoes get dirty easily. In short, there shall be footwear under selection that proves easy not only for the kid, but the parents as well to deal with. And if it is not in the pricy range, then that is a plus. Listed below are some of our tried and tested shoes for children with wide feet, and that might be one of your consults.


Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Native Shoes, Jefferson Child, Kids Lightweight Sneakers


  • Weight is 1.6 Oz
  • EVA outsoles
  • Medium shaft height for ankle coverage.
  • Unisex
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Under Armor Unisex-child Grade School Lockdown 5


  • Hybrid of fabric and synthetic materials
  • Unisex
  • Weight is 7.4 Oz
  • High top length
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Adidas Unisex Child Hoops Mid 2.0 Basketball Shoe


  • Unisex
  • Weight is 9.14 Oz
  • High top shaft height for comfort of ankles
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Nike Unisex Child Star Runner 2(GS) Sneaker


  • Shaft height is up to medium
  • Weight is 5.2 Oz
  • The ABZORB Technology
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New Balance Unisex-Child 888 V2 Running Shoes


  • Pure Suede fibers
  • Weight is 3 Oz
  • ABZORB soles for resorption.
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Stride Rite Unisex-Child Claire Xw-K


  • Completely built-in by leather.
  • Nonmarking rubber
  • Hook and loop closure
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Adidas Unisex-Child Harden Step-back Basketball Shoe


  • Weight is 11.8 Oz
  • Synthetic soles
  • Shaft height Up To the middle of the ankles
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Adidas Unisex-Child Hoops 2.0 K Sneakers


  • Pure textile
  • Weight is 3.2 Oz
  • Cup soles for a proper grip
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Adidas Unisex Child Advantage Sneakers


  • Weight is 9.6 Oz
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • The shaft height is medium
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Sperry Unisex Child Shoresider 3 Eye Boat Shoes


  • The newest edition of EVA soles.
  • Blend of cotton and polyester
  • Weight is 12 OZ
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Lets have a look in details:

Native Shoes, Jefferson Child, Kids Lightweight Sneakers

Being a very rare-to-see brand, Jefferson has a lot to offer in terms to be out there. And coming very true to this scenario, over the past few years, the editions provided by this brand are certainly very occasional. The best example is this outstanding cross trainer, the Native shoe.

Offering the best of the best features has added a lot to the brand. With the long-lasting breathability and resorption facilities, this footwear has overdone the typical sneakers due to their water-friendly nature if it.

Moreover, the orthopedic support acts brilliantly for the widely designed feet. Allowing the kids to easily play in the environment they like with the most protected feet, this shoe is one aesthetically appealing pair. It is very lightweight therefore will not be a burden on your child’s feet.

It has EVA outsole for better traction support so fewer chances of slippage. This makes it amazing for biking, climbing, playing, or whatever your kid is up to. According to some reviews, this shoe is quite big so it’s better to order one size down.

However, this product tends to get rough quickly and the native logo tends to fall down very soon. This can be a problematic feature for some people as they are not prepared for it at such a price. Overall, most reviews are in the favor of this product and describe their experience as good and pleasant. This product ticks most of the boxes and hence comes together and helps this shoe climb up the list of best children’s shoes for wide feet.

  • This footwear is water-friendly
  • This shoe prevents stinky feet due to its porous nature
  • The shock absorption technology works wonders
  • Due to big holes, the feet get dirty easily


Under Armor Unisex-child Grade School Lockdown 5

Does your kid demand footwear that will calm down the pain of his feet? Well, you don’t have to worry about it because Under Armor has taken the responsibility from your shoulders. From fitting into the budget easily to the provision of all the demands of your child, this unisex shoe is a wonderful job done.

best children shoes for wide feet

The soft fabrics and meshes used in making it, provide a very silky and smooth touch to the skin of the feet, keeping your child comfortable with it. Furthermore, rubber soles provide all sorts of tractive enhancer techniques.

Moreover, the specialty of this shoe is that it has both heat gears and cold gears. So, we can say that it is a unisex, mono-seasonal shoe that works for both boys and girls in both cold and warm weather. The high tops allow to grip the ankle along with the feet, providing very proper arch support for those who have wide feet.

This footwear is an orthopedic-approved piece that has an amazing cushioning and traction ability to set itself up in the list being followed. Some people were disappointed by the quality as they tend to wear very quickly. Heels are relatively hard and can be problematic for some kids with very sensitive feet.


  • This shoe has heat gear for cold weather and cold gear for warm weather
  • The range of usage is vast


  • Durability might not be top-notch


Adidas Unisex Child Hoops Mid 2.0 Basketball Shoe

Is your kid tired of wearing everyday sneakers and claims that it hurts his feet? Are you having trouble with finding the perfect fit for his wide feet? Well, you do not need to worry now as Adidas has saved the game with a brand-new edition of Unisex-Child, and this time, it is the Hoop 2.0 entitled basketball shoe.

In addition, with the usage range bigger than just playing basketball, it might be one of the most comfortable and padded shoes for your child who is always complaining when it comes to footwear. Its synthetic midsoles allot perfect sturdiness.

Children shoes for wide feet

The heavy and major use of leather adds to the durability and also seems to fit the feet warmly, so your child is at home with it throughout the day. Wide feet often have issues with cushioning that lacks multiple choices, as well as the inability to resorb the impacting forces.

With the mesh collars and the toe region, everything about this shoe seems to be perfectly fine to relax your kid. This is the best choice for children who play basketball as it gives the comfort that children feet demands.

These shoes have lace-up closure so might be difficult for some children to wear them by themselves. This product does not come in Velcro closure. Also, tends to get creases and does not offer values for money according to some reviews.


  • The rubber cups allot perfect warmth
  • The toe area is made wide enough to fit in the wide forefoot
  • Mesh collars provide comfort


  • Not waterproof
  • The stretch ability is not excellent too


Nike Unisex Child Star Runner 2(GS) Sneaker

Kick starts your day with these Nike booties that show the trademark symbol of the brand and provide every quality that is desired to keep your feet fresh through the day. The Unisex-Child star runner version in 2(GS) seems to be the new hot pick from the brand and has succeeded to satisfy all the wide feet complainers. Moreover, leather-built outer material allows warmth and softness.

Children shoes for wide feet

The orthopedic support with this footwear is insane as it enables the arch to completely stay in a padded and cushioned footbed, allowing the drastic changes occurring by tractive forces, to be undercover. This is extra light in weight thus excellent for wearing long hours.

The ABZORB technology is the brand innovation to help cover such issues. With this shoe, your kid is getting completely athletic and structurally orthopedic footwear with a very gentle and soft touch on the outside. Hence, it comes out to be a great member of the list of best children’s shoes for wide feet.


  • Traction support is brilliant
  • This footwear has EVA linings that provide extra breathability
  • Flexibility is enough to help the toe curvature
  • None other than some rare cases of leakage


Stride Rite Unisex-Child Claire Xw-K

This wide-width piece is one of its kind as far as orthotics is concerned.  With the rubber that does not mark the feet and act harshly as many do to the sensitive skin of the child’s feet, this very soft and MD rubber acts gently in providing the job along with comfort. The imported marked liners add to the design as much as they add to the strength that the shoe bears.

Children shoes for wide feet

Moreover, this piece is not expensive at all in terms of the orthopedic features since many of the similar features from other brands have turned out to be a very pricy purchase. The podiatrists have gone insane complimenting its stability and sturdiness on the ground followed by the anti-slip strong sole and this might be one of the many reasons why parents chose it for kids from age 8-10. They surely are the best shoes for children with wide feet.


  • The arch support of this footwear is the best one so far
  • The comfort oozing from it is very eye-catching
  • The range of colors and the aesthetic outlook of this shoe is very stylish
  • Moreover, it is very easy to be cleaned with any hand tool


  • None, but the durability


Adidas Unisex-Child Harden Step-back Basketball Shoe

This Adidas cross trainer is one of the most comfortable pieces provided by the brand and is a part of the varieties concerning sturdiness just as the Advantage Sneakers. Although it might be. As far as you have footwear that is durable enough to last long about almost a year, you pretty much are convinced to pay a big amount for that. The features added in this edition include breathability and comfort, followed by a sturdy grip on the ground. It consists of complete composition of fibers in the fabric.

Children shoes for wide feet

The anti-slip and waterproof fabrics are wonderful to put feet in as the thickly padded footbeds and heel shelves are there to provide a warm environment to the bottom of feet. Moreover, it has a very strong rubber bed that prevents smelly feet and the feet do not stink even after a full day.

Some reviews say that this product is not good in terms of providing traction support. They are not true to their size and sizing can be confusing. Mostly, all features are good and if you are in search of footwear with high value for money, comfort, and breathability followed by prevention of stinking, this Adidas pair has got you.


  • The synthetic toe cap of this shoe is the plus point
  • This footwear is breathable enough to prevent smelly feet
  • The pricing factor might elevate from the other similar versions
  • The leakage issue might be there for harsh weather


Adidas Unisex-Child Hoops 2.0 K Sneakers

Do you often see marks on your child’s feet after a long day or does he experience any redness from a shoe that grips the feet a little too hard? Here is the ultimate choice for your trouble. Bringing in the most diverse features, once again, it is Adidas. The Unisex-Child line has done wonders with every edition it offers, but this one is just over the border with the extended dimensions of cup soles. It comes with hook and loop closure.

Children shoes for wide feet

The use of cup soles is not very common but making it too common by using the best type of it, this Unisex-Child Hoops 2.0 has done wonders for podiatrists. Increasing the sales of the brand with the use of the hook and loop closure and the textile fabric, the leather constitution in this shoe is a tremendously tractive enhancer. Insides are as synthetic as it gets so your child might live this version of his very favorite colorful Adidas shoes.

Some say that heels are not very durable, and shoe tends to wear out soon. Overall if you are looking for good traction support, lightweight, comfortable shoes this is for you.

  • The making material majorly constitutes leather
  • The synthetic insides provide warmth and comfort to the child’s sensitive feet


  • It might prove slightly thin if used for harsh conditions


Adidas Unisex Child Advantage Sneakers

Seems like Adidas has taken the job of being the brand to provide the most, a bit too seriously. And this time, it enters the list once again with the Unisex Child Advantage Sneakers. As the name delivers, this footwear has nothing but advantages. From being inexpensive for such a brand to being comfortable, these are one sort that has become the children’s favorite. The reason lies in the very cute color scheme and design added up to the materials used in making it. It includes lace-up closure for proper hold on the feet.

Children shoes for wide feet

The hook and loop closure, although is a very new innovation, with this footwear, the incorporation between pull-on and hook and loop is probably the best edition out there. The grip on the feet is tight but ever so gentle and through all day, the child does not feel any pressure on the feet or any tiredness due to the additional orthopedic support provided by it.

They are easy to clean so don’t worry about the white color and also has perforation to allow breathability. They are true to size. However, the bottom of the shoe might be thin for some children. Overall, it is an excellent choice in terms of price and quality.


  • The inner linings of the textile add to the breathability of the shoe
  • The durability is much more than normal sneakers
  • Hook and loop closure provides comfort to feet while gripping it


  • Not applicable for harsh weather and conditions


Sperry Unisex Child Shoresider 3 Eye Boat Shoes

To the end of the list, we have a very technically designed option from a highly underrated brand, Sperry. This unisex Shoresider has done wonders for both the feminine and masculine feet in providing arch support, mainly for the wide footers. The EVA outline has successfully provided cushioning to all those sudden hits and fall moments where the arches get disturbed.

Children shoes for wide feet

For the very sensitive bones of the feet, this kind of cushioning is necessary to carry through a day full of running and jumping as kids love doing so. Moreover, this shoe is very flexible and possesses enough stretching ability to help the toes relax with the fall on the ground and the steps your kid takes. The barrel lacing adds to the design of the footwear, making it more select worthy by the children and the parents.

Sizing can be confusing as according to some reviews they are not true to size. Also, it tends to stretch out quickly and loses its shape. Overall, in terms of quality and durability it scored high that is why we have put this product in our list.

  • Flexible enough to keep the child’s feet in comfort
  • The barrel lacing adds to the uniqueness


  • Not waterproof

Buyer’s Guide, our addition to helping you out!

After rummaging through the above-listed choices, you might have had too many questions in your mind and one of the most important questions is, “What shall we choose from so many options?”

We believe that you have got an efficient idea of what a perfect choice shall be, but we are here to provide you with extra support ort by listing out some of the major lookouts in their priority order. Given below are some of the top factors that mark the specialty of the shoe and if a show has most of these, or in some cases all of these, then without a doubt, that is your choice!

Orthopedic Support:

For wide feet, the most important thing to take care of is orthopedic support. It would be no use if you select footwear with breathability and comfort but has no orthopedic support. Ultimately the issue concerning wide feet is the support to the arch of the feet. A shoe that fits the natural arch structure and that supports the flatness of the feet is probably the best choice.

The orthotics of the feet are naturally designed but sometimes wearing the wrong type of footwear can alter it, which is a damaging factor and might, in the end, lead to complete immobility of the feet. Hence, you shall always look for a great orthopedically supported shoe.

Comfort And Breathability:

One of the major issues concerning any type of footwear, the selection is comfort. Sometimes shoes are extremely stylish, and you want to buy them but as soon as you wear them, they hurt your feet due to the hardness of the material. They might cause marks in the pull-on region and back of ankles. So, while shopping for shoes, particularly for your child, you must not ignore the comfort factor.

Supporting this feature, breathability shall be considered as well. For long-term wear, you do not want a shoe that is not ventilated properly. Especially for kids, parents often go through the issue of their child’s smelly feet, and even due to washing it a lot, the smell doesn’t go away. So ultimately a ventilated shoe shall be chosen properly.


Cushioning and traction support is one other main factor concerning children’s shoes, particularly for wide feet. Children often go through a lot of slipping and skidding as they are going through the age to fall and get up but obviously during this learning age, you do not want them to break their ankles. And so, while shopping for their shoes, you must be very thoughtful about the cushioning and traction control that it offers

Price And Durability:

And in the end is the most common factor, the pricing, and the durability of the footwear. You shall be wise enough to shop a shoe with an average price but extraordinary durability and if that doesn’t happen then you should rather go for expensive footwear that lasts longer than the cheap one with less durability.

And this ends our priority factors list for your guidance on how to shop for the best children’s shoes for wide feet. We hope you have got a brief idea of the dos and don’ts while shopping for your child’s feet.


What exactly are wide feet?

For those of you who do not know what wide feet are, it is the type of feet that is longer and wider than the normal feet type. You are born with it so there is nothing like you have a choice for your feet type.

Is it unlucky to have wide feet?

No! Wide feet is not an unlucky happening. Although you may have trouble shopping for your feet, it has many other benefits like swimming, it may prove helpful for strides. Other than that, if you take care of your feet, you are never unlucky.

What is the best type of shoes for a kid if he has wide feet?

Children have a very sensitive foot structure, and any type of wrong footwear can damage it more. So for children with wide feet, there shall be footwear that has the best orthopedic and arch support. Mainly, Adidas shoes offer such facilities.

What are the major problems faced by wide feet?

If you do not take care of your wide feet or your child’s wide feet, it may lead to many issues like arch pains, deformities like Plantar Fasciitis, pain that radiates up to them, and many more issues. So, it is better to take care of your feet in the simplest way, by choosing the perfect footwear.


Now, adding up to your ease, we’ll tell you about our personal favorite that is, Under Armor Unisex-child Grade School Lockdown 5 shoe. The reason why it is recommended by us is the maximum pros that work wonders against the very few issues that it offers.

The maximum resorption and the minimum impacted slipping prove steady enough for the child’s feet. With these booties, you can be tension-free for your child throughout the day, as it allows their feet to be completely safe, in combination with being orthopedically supported. That is why we suggest you buy these comfortable, supportive, and affordable shoes for your child with wide feet.

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