Skechers vs New Balance- Which one is better?

Who can ignore the importance of shoes? In this article, we will have a deep insight into two famous brands of shoes that are Skechers and New Balance.

There are many brands in the market and with the passage of time, we have seen massive growth in the shoe industry. Many new brands have entered, and many old ones have left the market.

The rule is simple, the brand which will evolve with time will make itself competitive in the market. With the continuously changing trends and demands, the shoe brands have to be in line with the new requirements.

Skechers vs New balance! Which one is Better?
Skechers vs New balance! Which one is Better?

We all are well aware of the importance of wearing comfortable shoes that fit your feet perfectly. Whether you are jogging, going to walk, playing sports you must wear comfortable shoes to avoid injuries and other health hazards.

Shoes need to be comfy, lightweight, and elegant yet they should be good in functionality. Choosing an ideal pair of shoes can be confusing and difficult as the market is full of different brands offering a variety of products.

Brands like Skechers and New balance have been in the market for quite a long time now and have gained a sufficient name and fame. They are known for making unique designs for their customers to attract a large number of them. In this article, we will analyze Skechers and New Balance and try to evaluate that which one is better than the other.


We all know that Skechers is a renowned footwear brand that has established around the year 1992.  It is centered in the city of California on Manhattan beach. Skechers is one of the most famous and popular brands when it comes to everyday, athletic, fashionable, and comfy footwear.

Skechers put their primary focus on enhancing the performance of athletes and taking the lifestyle a notch above by making ultra-stylish and comfortable shoes. For many decades Skechers has been producing super quality shoes. They produce excellent quality insoles, outsoles, and pay proper attention to the weight as weight is very crucial for athletes.

Skechers vs New balance! Which one is Better?
Skechers vs New balance! Which one is Better?

Nonetheless, their shoes are amazingly flexible and breathable that is the reason we all prefer sketches shoes when it comes to durability and unique features.

Skechers have many factories, but the main ones are located in Vietnam and China. Skechers has a proper quality control system that is responsible for strict scrutiny and maintaining a high level of quality in the manufacturing process.

New Balance

As we know that New Balance is an American brand. It came into existence in 1906. They produce a vast variety of shoes for almost every kind of individual. It is not only a benchmark name in sneakers but also makes excellent quality other sports apparel and gear.

Thus, they serve the different needs of different people. This brand is the first brand to launch ripped sole running shoes which gained ultimate popularity in all the world.

New Balance shoes are trademark of trendy and often showcase a very appealing finish. They make stylish, aesthetically amazing, and ergonomic build shoes which are in demand by people in different fields of life. Some New Balance shoes are made to cater to particular needs, but mostly their options will work perfectly for several uses.

New Balance has impressed the world by providing ultra-elegant, stylish, comfortable, and durable shoes. These characteristics make them the number one choice for many sportspersons and athletes. Also, the variety of characteristics available with New Balance shoes consist of foam padding, solid leather builds, arch support, and heel cushioning among others.

Comparison Factors


Skechers is recognized globally for its legendary memory foam technology. But you may know that Nasa was the original producer and the first creator of this temperature and pressure-sensitive material.  These characteristics permit the material to get into a specific shape. The memory foam will mold into your foot to enhance your comfort level. Skechers usually have a cover of memory foam on the shoe for an extra cushioning effect. This makes the shoes tremendously soft and comfortable.

Though speaking about technology New balance holds the competitive edge. New balance uses many different kinds of technologies on their shoes for comfort and softness. ABZORB, ENCAP, and RevLite are a few technologies used in their shoes.

The ABZORB is a premium combination of rubber, density, and foam to produce high excellent quality and comfy cushioning. ENCAP technology grants support and robustness by supplying a soft cushioning EVA at the midsole of the shoe.


Skechers is notable for its range and variety of styles and array of colors. All Skechers lines showcase a range of models that come in various colors and designs. They come in many tones, colors, patterns as well as materials. Undoubtedly, Skechers offers its consumers a wide range of choices and styles.

New Balance comes up with new styles very often and releases new ranges regularly. While it may be possible that as compared to Skechers colors and designs are not that up to date still, many people admire New Balance. The NBI Customize feature by the New balance offers you the liberty to choose from different colors and even select the precise spot for the color on your shoes. You can also pick the material for your shoes. What else anybody can demand?


Skechers shoes are considered pioneers of comfort. Moreover, cushioned with thick memory foam also add extra comfort to your shoes. With this comfort level, these shoes can be worn for a longer period of time without any injury and pressure. They tend to provide a wide toe box so that your toes have ample space and do not feel squished.

On the other hand, New Balance is also dedicated to providing its consumers with the comfort they need. The shoes have premium quality materials on the inner and outer soles. The brand clearly understands the needs of different feet and this design their product line accordingly.

New balance caters to every individual requirement about toe box, soles, and comfort. They have limitless types of cushioning and maintain high-end support systems which make it extremely easy for people to find their perfect shoes.

Quality Of Shoes

Nonetheless, quality is the biggest concern as people want premium quality shoes that last long. Players and athletes require top quality too. New Balance shoes are a symbol of quality that too at reasonable prices.

Unfortunately, many people have raised questions about the quality of the Skechers shoe. Apparently, the midsole lacks the stability to counteract the heel of the shoe which leads to unnecessary roll-ins.  Usually, Skechers tend to use the same thickness of memory foam from the toe to heel and this can hinder the overall performance of the shoes.


So, it was quite difficult to assess these two brands as both of them represent quality, comfort, and functionality. Some people prefer Skechers over New Balance and vice versa. There could be many personal reasons and these reasons vary in each individual.

However, according to my New balance earns a few points extra. They use the most advanced technology and are able to provide stylish, comfortable shoes without compromising on functionality. The customization program offered by New balance also gives them the competitive edge over Skechers and other shoes brands.

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