Nike Dunk High Vs Air Jordan 1: What Will Be Your Next Buy?

It is unlikely for someone to disagree on the fact that shoes are indeed one of the greatest innovations out there. The more they add to the comfort, the more they do to style. They keep your feet all warm and comfortable, as well as cool and exposed and at the same time, they go well with your outfit for the day.

And so, having brands that ensure the quality of footwear they make, is worth spending on. Many such brands are out there, working their best to provide us with choices to appeal to the dress that we are wearing for that day and the activities we are performing. Just amid those brands, Nike is working the best in terms of providing shoes for athletic wear.

Bits About Nike

To start with, Nike is a multinational corporation, found in 1964, that deals with the development and designing of apparel, footwear, and accessories. The footwear of this brand is enormously famous because this brand manufactures some sensitive and tidy looking, sturdy and compact shoes.

As far as athletic footwear is concerned, Nike is earning more respect day by day due to the services it provides while staying within the financial limits of customers and continuing the sportsman legacy.

Alongside all these features, it is a brand that offers varieties with many sub-lines that follows up with it. For example, the Dunk high and the Jordan 1. The mainstream purposes of each line vary. From casual and everyday wear to eventual wear-outs, this brand is truly a symbol of marketing.

What makes Nike shoes unique?

Well, this is a very frequently asked question, that what exactly do Nike shoes have that others don’t. It offers qualities that other brands do as well but what’s important about this brand is that it offers all those qualities combined in one single footwear.

Unlike other many brands found in the market. More importantly, in recent times it has gotten tough for brands to get to customers, and Nike for sure has some tricks to offer.

Following are some of the key features of Nike shoes that make them stand out from the rest:

Innovative designs:

It is time-consuming to come up with intricate patterning and designing, and Nike has got it all. Selling shoes worth more than 11 B US dollars, each piece is different from the previous one and just as good as it gets, that is one reason why Nike is an edge above its competitors.

Quality of materials:

With absolute synthetic and expensive materials being used in its products, Nike sells more despite being expensive because over time it has grown to be a brand that has snatched the trust of the customers. That is due to the originality and the firm structure of the footwear offered by this brand.

Sports oriented:

In midst of all these companies trying to sell out the best sports shoes out there, this brand is one of the sportsman’s choice. The reason is athlete-oriented designing and consideration that goes into making this footwear. This is another handsome trick by the brand to grasp a claw at customers.


Above all these factors, the most important one is marketing its products, and as far as it is concerned, Nike knows how to sell. It teams up with players and other advertisement manners to root for what it makes and that basically sends it’s voice and design to the customer.

All these factors justify Nike’s unique position as an apparel company. Given below are two very significant lines by this brand that portray all these features.

Nike Dunk High

This extravagant silhouette by Nike is one of the best basketball foot here. its to run brilliant on hardwood, the heritage-inspired original model of Nike skateboarding shoe was released in 1986 and has continued to carry the legacy ahead.


Top Pick

Nike Dunk High

Extravagant Silhouette

  • Ankle Lace Flaps.
  • Concentric Forefoot.
  • 4 Adjusted Panels.
  • Tall Arch Bridge.

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This shoe is riding high as far as primary requirements of comfort and breathability are needed, but it also does not come void of the stable and sturdy approach for a basketball player. Almost as lightweight as it gets, with the lacing flaps on the ankle region, this shoe speaks for itself.

Moreover, it has a toe box that is wider and roomier and it doesn’t get any better than that. The forefoot that is not tapered and a padded breathable collar is all a sports shoe ever desires and Nike once again is here to the rescue.

One of the best editions was the Nike Retro Royal orange one. This certain piece has the best aesthetic and feature list. With ventilating soles and comfortable leather outlines, the shoe has earned for itself. Other than that, for people with wide feet, the Bodega legend is all you need.

Summing up all that’s been said, Nike Dunk high is the best choice as far as you require a retro old classic pair for your basketball game. It is a strap-on for comfort, traction support, and cushioning. Not only a style masterpiece in designing, but a statement in the provision of relief to the feet that work, it comes in with extraordinary ranges and variations. And that is how it’s been keeping up with the heritage.


  • Comparatively roomier toe box.
  • Soft foam missiles.
  • A wide range to choose from.
  • Comforting paddings.


  • Less stitched.



Nike Jordan 1:

Being a hybrid of leather and Suede soles, with the most casual looking and comfort oozing outsides and insides, Nike Jordan 1 is the most influential shoe out there.  As big as the brand Nike is, the version is even better as it has made its way up to the top list of Nike footwear out there due to the perforated and ventilated tongues and meshes.


Top Pick

Nike Air Jordan 1

Air Technology

  • Leather, Suede Sole.
  • Tapered Toe Box.
  • 6 Panels.
  • Air technology.

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The air that resides in the midsole s makes the paddings even more foamy and soft, adding more comfort and gentleness to the feet. This footwear debuted in 1985 and till today, it carries the old heritage of footwear that it was borne with and even before that. Being slightly heavier than the Dunk high ones, this footwear has the most beautiful intricate, embroidery of the “Nike Air” logo, adding beautiful detailing to the porous leather that composes it.

The wings logo stitched on the ventilated collars gives it a very stylish and unique design and expresses the creativity of the brand. Adding up to all this, it comes in with tapered toe caps that add a cherry on top for Nike lovers. This footwear is the perfect choice for full-day wear by college students due to the Air technology being used in it.

This technology is all in for allocating ventilation and comfort to the feet sitting in the shoe. Other than that it is almost near to being perfect option for a rough and tough footwear that knows how to deal with the weather and the ground.


  • Air in midsole for paddings.
  • Nylon perforated tongues.
  • Comfort oozing.


  • Slightly Expensive.


Are Nike Dunk high and Jordan 1 the same?

To some extent, these are similar in many qualities but they both have certain features that differentiate them from others. Dunks are generally wider than Jordan but Jordan are expensive as compared to dunks. Moreover, Jordan uses Air technology within them as well. These characteristics differentiate them.

Are Jordan 1 mid better or Jordan 1 high?

Answer: In comparison to Jordan 1 mid, Jordan 1 high cover the feet better and have a more stable lacing system. This makes them better.

What is the best edition of Nike Dunk high?

The best version of Dunk high out there is the “ Nike Dunk high Deep Royal”. This footwear is rated the best amongst its category due to extra sturdiness and comfort.

What is the best option in the Nike Jordan 1 line?

The best Jordan out there is The Air Jordan 1 High OG “Chicago” & “Bred”. The aesthetics of these add to the rest. Moreover, they have extraordinary paddings in their soles that are rare to find for such sleek-looking footwear.


Both these footwear being manufactured by the same brand, are almost similar to each other except for very small unnoticeable dissimilarities. One is the best choice for basketball and one is the ultimate day wear. But if we had to pick one for you, we would probably go for Nike Air Jordan 1.

Although this footwear is a little expensive, the extra dollars don’t count a bit when we discuss the excessive and exceptional use of Air technology within it. Moreover, it is alive back on the very famous player Michael Jordan. And that adds a lot to the worth of the shoe that is a true Nike statement. So, we’d recommend you to pay a little more and get your hands on this Nike mark!

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