Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 ! Best Detailed Review

The shoes are either for jogging, walking or running; the requirement is confined to being comfortable in the shoes you are wearing. Blisters and calluses can be prevented by utilizing walking shoes full of comfort and can easily fit in the feet.

The shoes with the aspects of the production of excellent and the high quality, shoes with the attractive features; creating the professional styles; sponsoring a high count and number of organizations supporting sports; and generating money with high percentage.

nike air zoom superrep2

Nike is the only company that knows how to brand itself. Nike dominates the sportswear industry because of its excellent marketing strategy. The midsoles are constructed with substantial cushioning to absorb energy and make them exceptionally comfy. Furthermore, the tongue and upper regions include soft cushioning that helps them fit securely, and there is additional cushioning around the ankle area.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2

Review And Credibility

The Nike SuperRep 2 is a high-intensity interval training sneaker. This is the most Nike-like shoe I’ve owned in a long time. With its unusual de-coupled sole, it appears to draw attention, and any innovation it employs, as well as the branding, is readily apparent. Unfortunately, it’s a base percentage shoe with a more fantastic ceiling than We give it credit for in terms of future versions. It performs well in necessary actions that running shoes can’t, but performance level suffers due to a poor fit.

Designed As Per Future Trends

First and foremost, there’s the appearance. I’ve encountered very few sports shoes as innovative as the SuperRep 2 in all my years of searching for them. The forefoot and heels of the midsole and outsole are two separate sections connected by a FlyPlate, as Nike calls it.

Two Zoom Air components are evident in the forefoot, strategically situated beneath the bottom of the foot and duplicated on the lateral aspect. In typical Nike form, a translucent rubber sole allowed the user to see the cushioned technology from the top and the edges.

A v-groove and deep property with a rubberized toe-off outsole piece are located in front of the Zoom units. The heel is a beveled horseshoe-shaped block of EVA, with a rubber sole running around the shoe’s circumference.

The FlyPlate, as I discussed earlier, runs from roughly mid-heel towards the arch of the foot on the Zoom Air components’ front end. A PU footbed, created exclusively for this model, sits directly beneath your feet. The metatarsal of the liner is substantially thicker and more contoured than the rest.

The Upper : A Creature Unto Itself

A corrugated mesh material extends from the forefoot around to the sole, narrowing at the ball of the foot on the dorsal side of the shoe. The midline side is covered with neoprene. Asymmetrical stitching is used, with four loops of concealed nylon braiding on the opposite edges and four ovular plastics eyelets on the medial aspect. Nike placed a massive logo on the lateral aspect and a smaller logo on the medial side to make sure we recognized who created the shoe.

Order The Normal Size

The size consideration as per the size of your foot is essential. As per Nike’s standards, the SuperRep 2 runs true to size. They’re a little thin on the surface of the toe, but not so much that they’re uncomfortable.

Exceptional Traction On Both Wood And Surfaces

The rubber gives practically ideal traction on hardwood and hard ground surfaces, actually holding throughout boards and burpees.

Edge Motion Is Stable

The good news about these shoes is that they perform as expected on workouts like climbers, burpees, and skating jumps. In addition, they stayed steady on side-to-side oscillations despite being hefty and having exceptionally chunky sole components. As a result, I didn’t feel like I was trying to roll my ankle at any moment.



The dependable traction

Futuristic design



Concerns about the lockdown

Toebox is narrow

Sole that is bulky


Is Nike SuperRep a perfect running shoe?

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep trainers were made for high-intensity interval training, not for the running pertains to long distances. However, if you are looking for a pair of trainers to make some brief sprints, these might be the shoes made for you.

What exactly is Nike SuperRep?

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep is a unique sneaker designed to withstand the demands of high-intensity workouts. Workouts, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), alternate spurts of all-out effort with intervals of relaxation to allow the body to recuperate.

Is the Nike SuperRep a comfy shoe to wear?

Yes, it has been observed that the cycling shoes while riding because the SuperRep cycling boots were so super comfy. Because they are thin and snug, these shoes remind me of Nike’s soccer cleats. As a result, the feet did not contain sweat as often as they did while trying on the shoes.

Is the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep sizing accurate?

Order the regular size associated with Nike standards, and the SuperRep 2 runs true to size. They’re a little thin on the toe surface, but not so much that they’re uncomfortable.

Does Nike SuperRep Cycle have any stretch to it?

The material upper of the SuperReps can expand and enhance according to how snug you like the fit, resulting in weird rippling along the sides of each shoe.


Nike is an authentic brand that facilitates different walking, jogging, and running aspects. Comfortable shoes are the priority of buyers, and they choose the brand which provides ease and quality, and Nike is one of them. The contemporary style of this performance-ready sneaker is appealing. Nike deserves credit for thinking beyond the box to create a far-flung training sneaker.

When it refers to heavy lateral motions, the shoe is outstanding and solid. However, the footwear is not ideal for people with wide feet, even though it follows true to size. So, pick your favorite show and enjoy the physical activity with them, having ease and comfort.

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