Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Review

When Nike releases a new Pegasus, the company’s longest-running trainer, you can guarantee that a lot of thinking went into it, especially considering that there have been 37 numerous variations. It builds the hype and pressure to design the one which is best from the rest and give reasonable features which persuade buyers to buy it. And we’re happy to say that the update is fantastic, boosting an already outstanding all-rounder without putting a foot wrong.

The midsole is completely revamped, with springy React foam replacing Cushion ST and a forefoot air unit—a pocket of air within the midsole. The forefoot air unit is twice as large as the previous Pegasus forefoot air units. As we all know that the prior shoe had a full-length air compartment and the overall shoe boasts 2mm more foam than the Pegasus 36, according to Nike.

nike air zoom

It has used forefoot-only Zoom Airbag Technology and a React foam heel. This feature offers versatility. However, the design does not have the connection of full zoom air set up which we have witnessed in the previous model. The softer heel is also connected to the fact that there’s a short adjustment period involved.

The ultimate result is a sneaker that strikes the right balance that many trainers aspire for. One of our testers observed that “The ride is comfortable, responsive, and quick.” “Normally, we don’t get all these qualities in one shoe.”

When it comes to offering and producing some bad models, Nike is no exception. For example, Nike Roshe Run is the model we should avoid buying. On the contrary, Nike has the best model for long distances like Nike Zoom Fly 3 and the best model for informal indoor activities Nike Legend Essential.

Key Highlights:

Weight is  10.5oz

Gives Arch Support Neutral

Heel To Toe Drop 10mm

Have Wide Toe Box

Forefoot Height is 14mm

Heel Height is 24mm

Perforated Engineered Mesh

 Full Inner Sleeve

Strap-Based Lacing System

Detailed Review

Lets have a look into all the details of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 !

Excellent Cushioning System

The new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37’s cushioning technology is fantastic. The Pegasus 37 has a similar profile to the Zoom Fly, thanks to the tall React midsole, and it feels like you’ve been running on springy, responsive foam. (Though the new Peg isn’t as bottom-heavy as the old one.)

The midsole’s ability to give a quick, thrilling ride that didn’t deplete their legs after several kilometers was lauded by testers. “The foam material, as well as the Air Zoom to give you that extra snap,” says the reviewer.

Super Upper Structure

The new and revamped upper is snug and precise in the midfoot, with just enough room in the forefoot. This lowers spillage inside the shoe and allows you to run quicker and more confidently.

The top is made of a textile mesh that’s a little thinner than the previous perforated mesh; one tester contrasted it to the Vaporfly’s form-fitting upper. The forefoot is roomy but not unreasonably so, and midfoot stability is supplied via a midfoot band rather than Flywire cables. The new design appears to distribute laces stiffness better than Flywire, which caused pressure points for some runners.

An arched collar with extra cushioning behind the Achilles helps keep your heel anchored to the footbed in the back. Some testers thought the heel cup could have held their feet better securely, whereas others suggested the heel cup could have held their feet more securely. The upper is well ventilated, although it retains moisture for a lengthy span of time than other mesh compositions.

Midsole structure

While the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 features a Cushlon midsole, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 incorporates React foam throughout the shoe. Cushlon was not one of the softest midsoles, but it was still medium to soft, which made it excellent for shock absorption.

Instead, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37’s React is on the firmer side. It preserves its shape and size and does not adapt to your feet. As a consequence, if you suffer from supination, it could be a viable choice. So, it was the new model’s overall great responsiveness that I really appreciated. Even though it is tougher, it pushes back effectively with each stride you take.

Quality Outsole Carbon Rubber

Nike has mostly withstood the inclination of reducing outsole rubber in the name of weight reduction, which we appreciate: A few millimeters of rubber on every point of the shoe that strikes the pavement generally improves the ride and gives us a better sense of security when we’re walking over rough terrain.

Long strips of rubber on the lateral side and rectangle lugs on the medial side provide traction as you push-off off on the Pegasus 37. It provides solid grip with no concerns on wet or dry pavements.


Thick Midsole


Improved eyelets

Exaggerated Ankle Collar



A bit Stiffer

Slightly narrow than other Nike Air Zoom Shoes


Are Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 comfortable?

It is an excellent and comfy running shoe with a gentle ride, but the part-Zoom, part-React midsole requires more versatility.

How long do Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 last?

Generally, it is observed that it lasts for 50 to 100 miles.

Should I buy Pegasus 37?

It depends on your budget, needs, and on your feet structure. Overall, our verdict is that this shoe is quite good for runners and for daily use as well.

Do Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 have laces?

No, laces have been replaced by wide straps hence it’s easier to take them off and pull them on.


Besides all the cons factors present in the shoe still, If we had to pick a specific running shoe that could manage anything, we’d go with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37. It’s a workhorse that thrives for what it does! It’s effective for daily runs and long miles, and it’s no less capable in pace sessions. Even more, it’s plush and bouncy, ensuring a delightful ride at any tempo!

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