How To Dye Suede hoes- An Easy Guide!

Suede is a form of leather with a fluffy, slumbered look. Suede is normally used for jackets, shoes, clothes, bags, furniture, and many other items and accessories. This term is derived from the French gants de Suède. Suede is made from the underneath of the animal skin, which is smoother and more flexible.

Suede gives both a luxurious feel and an attractive exterior.  When You properly brush it, you will observe a consistent color and grain. Sometimes it is ruffled then it tends to appear less dense and darker.

Suede material dyes are very intense and strong. You should or sometimes be required to apply many coats to obtain the desired color and result. You will observe that suede dye permeates deep under the top of the material. It can take some effort and many bottles of dye color to dye large batches.

Suede Shoes Need Love And Care

Many individuals love suede shoes because they are extremely classy and also look awesome. Undoubtedly it requires love and care otherwise it will lose its classy looks. Too much exposure to direct sunlight can easily damage your favorite suede shoes.

Although, if you have some discolored and damaged suede shoes at home you can certainly dye them at home. There should be no problem while dying the shoes as the procedure is very easy and straightforward. You can dye them in a darker shade or in a lighter shade as you desire to give your shoes a new sparkle.

You need to follow the procedure very carefully and do not skip any part. This is why we have established this easy-to-follow procedure so that you can understand that how to dye suede shoes at home.

Materials Requirements

  1. Dye specifically for suede shoes
  2. Soft Brimmed Shoe Brush
  3. Stippling Brush
  4. Spare Toothbrush
  5. Suede Waterproof Spray
  6. Masking Tape
  7. Newspapers

Steps Involved In Cleaning

1-Choose a Suede Dye

Always get a good quality dye to get excellent results. You can buy it online or can get it personally from a store. Purchase your desired color and if your shoe color is white, you can get a lighter or darker shade of your own choice.

Keep in mind that once you do a darker shade on your shoes you will not be able to do a lighter shade afterward. Therefore, it is recommended to do lighter shades like pastels and nudes first.

2-Clean Your Shoes

First of all, before doing anything you must clean your shoes with a clean cloth. If there are any stains, you must clean them properly. The first thing you need to do is to make sure the shoes that you want to dye are clean. In this way, your suede shoes will absorb the dye comparatively better.

3- Some Extra Precautions

To achieve excellent results, you must take some precautionary measures before starting the procedure. You should put some newspaper or some other paper inside your shoes. This can help to prevent your shoes from the dye which can go inside the shoes too and can result in ugly shoes.

You should also use some masking tape to cover those areas you don’t want to dye like soles. Don’t get panicked if you get some dye on your soles. Use a clean towel to wipe it off as the suede dye only stays on fabrics.

4-Dyeing The Shoes

Usually, with suede shoes, you get an applicator. If you don’t have one you have to buy a stippling brush. A stippling brush is very effective in applying the dye on shoes and helps in getting better dye results. If you want, you can use a hard bristled brush too.

Firstly, dip your brush into the dye and rub it on the shoes. You should dye the larger area first then come to a smaller area. Avoid putting too much dye as it will not get absorbed and will give an ugly effect. Try to put a thin and even layer by putting a small amount of dye.

5-Dry The Shoes & Sealing In The Color

After you have finished your color application let the shoes dry for 24 hours at least. Use the shoe brush to remove any residual. If you are not happy with the color, you can apply a second coat.

When you are sure about the color then apply silicone or waterproof spray to seal the dye color. Since you have sealed the color, yet you should avoid getting your shoes wet as it might fade the color.

Although this spray will prevent your shoes from bleeding any color when exposed to moisture, try to avoid taking your dyed shoes out in the rain or in any situations that might risk the dye coming off.


To sum up, all the above things we can easily say that it is Absolutely possible to dye your favorite suede shoes at home. Now you know how easy the procedure is and you can follow the tips and tricks provided and wear your shoes with confidence again.

I am hopeful that this article will provide you with all the help and information needed to address this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change the color of the suede shoes?

Yes, you can change the color.  All you need is a good quality suede dye so that it will not ruin your shoes and always apply waterproofing spray at the end.

Which dye is considered best?

Well, you can find many brands in the market for suede shoes. Among them, Moneyworth & Best, Angelus, Tarrago, and Simple Shine are some of the brands that are best.

Can I use fabric dye on suede shoes?

It is not recommended. Try to apply specialized suede dye for this specific purpose. Although suede dye is a type of fabric dye, which gives a better outcome.

Can I spray my suede shoes with a different color?

This practice is not recommended though it is your personal choice. If you want to do it then the answer is yes you can.

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