White Shoes! How To Clean Them?

Shoes are an integral part of one’s apparel. There are many varieties of shoes available in the market. You can find different kinds for different occasions and different dress codes. There are many shoes for changing weather and for sports activities like jumping ropes, football, hiking, exercise, and other sports activities.

It is not possible not to have a proper shoe wardrobe these days. Designer shoes, branded shoes, casual shoes, work shoes, gym shoes, party shoes almost every individual has a shoe collection. Maintaining your shoes is also an important task. Shoes need care and attention. Proper care and maintenance improve their lifespan. Moreover, they look good while wearing.

There are many products and variety of cleaners are available in markets and they are highly in demand too. You can also use some cleaning hacks too and some natural inexpensive natural cleaning items.

how to clean white shoes

Some shoes required more care and maintenance as compared to others. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about white shoes. The white shoe trend is very in today. Every brand has launched its white collection. They look decent, trendy, and stylish yet they require good maintenance otherwise they look ugly and dirty.

So, here one important question arises that how to wash white shoes or how to clean white shoes? What methods and techniques should be used to clean the white shoes? What products are safe and what natural remedies can be used to clean the white shoes?

Well, if you are struggling to keep your white shoes clean and you want to wear your branded white shoes next, here are some tips and solutions you can use to make your shoes sparkling white again. We have come across some tried and tested top six methods to clean white shoes. Use the one which seems easy and best for you.

Traditional Soap And Water

Nobody can deny the fact that it is very easy to wash your shoes with soap or any good detergent and water. You can do it by hand or also can use a washing machine. Now a day special washing machines for shoes are available in the market. They are quite handy and easy to use too. This method is time-consuming, and you can do it if you have time but if you have to wear your shoes urgently then try some other quick methods. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, make a soap solution with two or three (according to how dirty your shoes are) spoon full of any good washing liquid or detergent. Mix it well in lukewarm water until all items are fully dissolved.
  • Dip an old but clean toothbrush into this solution.
  • Now with the help of this toothbrush start cleaning your shoes in a clockwise motion.
  • Rub it on the white surface gently and repeatedly.
  • Scrub it until you see that all dirt marks are gone, and the shoe is back to its original color.

No doubt you require time and effort because you have to wait for shoes to be dry out as well. Once they are dried out completely you can wear them again.

Magic Erasers. An easy idea!

You must be familiar with magic erasers. It is a Melamine foam and a good cleaning tool. To use them is quite simple and easy. Mix it with some water. Make sure it is damp otherwise it will ruin your shoes. Rub it onto your shoes until sparkly.

Ultimate Baking Soda Hack

We all know that baking soda is an all-time favorite cleaning agent whether it is clothes, teeth, or carpet. Yes, you understood very well it can clean your favorite white shoes too. So, first of all, you need to have baking soda and good quality detergent.

Mix one-third of the soda with two-third of detergent. There is no need to add water. Now apply this dry mixture over your shoes. Apply an evenly quoted layer all over the area. Leave it like that for at least 3 hours. After that shake the shoes well and wash them with Luke’s warm water. Remember to Air dry them and not machine dry. You are good to go.

Micellar Water

You have probably heard of using micellar water for healthy and glowing skin, but it can also help in white cleaning shoes. This hack is really simple but does wonder. Take a clean and neat cloth and pour some micellar water on it. Now rub the cloth on dirty areas until clean.

Micellar water is also useful in cleaning suede and leather. This water can absorb the dirt but is unable to remove deeper and extensive stains of oil and ink.

Magic Of White Toothpaste

Who can deny the magic of white toothpaste? One of its various uses is that it is very helpful in white cleaning shoes. Get some neat brush and pour some white paste on it.

Gently rub the brush on your shoes until clean. Leave it on the shoes for some time and after that clean it with a wet cloth. Dry it in the air. Do not use gel or colored toothpaste. It is a simple technique yet effective.

Use Of Bleach

Bleach is the ultimate thing for cleaning anything white. It gives super results both on white shoes and white clothes. While using bleach you have to be very careful as it can be harmful to your hands or body. Moreover, if you use excess than the recommended amount your shoes or cloth might also get damaged. Therefore, before starting the procedure always wear gloves.

All you have to do is mix one part of bleach with five parts of warm water. With the help of a sponge or brush firmly rub the stains on your shoes. After applying this mixture use another clean microfiber damp towel to clean the shoes. Let the shoes dry in the air. After that, you will be amazed to see the results.


To buy white shoes is unavoidable so it is better you need to know how to take good and proper care of white shoes. Clean them from time to time as it will prevent them from getting extremely dirty. Remember extremely dirty shoes will be hard to clean so it is better to be cautious and clean them regularly.

Try to rub firmly but do not scrub the shoes very hard. It will damage the material of your shoes. You can choose whatever method is easy and convenient for you. The experiment will make you pro in maintaining your white shoes always white and sparkling.

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