How are shoes made? Guide 2021

As far as the stats say, 24 billion pairs of shoes are made annually. Out of these, 2 billion are sold in the US alone, giving 7 pairs that make their way up to one person’s shoe rack. This is a large number for the manufacturing of footwear. But the important question that arises here is, “How are shoes made?” Well to make shoes, there must be some factors in consideration, for example, shock absorption, flexibility, fit, traction, the sole, breathability, and weight, etc.

All These factors make up a good and comfortable shoe pair. Brands like Nike, Puma are doing well only because their items fulfill a lot of these factors. But would it be worth spending money on a shoe pair that isn’t much durable? Probably not. Instead, the need is to rather use cheap but accurate materials in making them. So they prove worthy.

Parts Of A Shoe

A shoe pair consists of many parts and in designing or manufacturing, all the parts shall be done so individually. This allows a focused design followed by better and technical manufacturing. Following are the parts of shoes:

  • Toe cap
  • Upper soles
  • Midsoles
  • Inner soles
  • Upper part
  • Heel
  • Shank
  • Welt
  • Collar
  • Eyelets
  • Lace (optional)
  • Waist

Steps Considered In Manufacturing A Shoe Pair:

The general steps that are considered in designing a shoe pair ensure the long-lasting ability of. Following are the majors:

  • Idealizing the design
  • Choosing the material
  • Cutting the scraps and building the soles
  • Stitching the parts together
  • Lasting

These steps are explained below:

Idealizing The Design:

Before beginning on the shoemaking part, the shoemaker is always projected to some conniving. He must be aware of what he wants the pair to look like. There is always a specific model in his head that nudges him to design a shoe pair.

how shoes are made

For this design, before picking out the material and starting, the shoemaker always puts his idea on a piece of paper. Just to get an actual view of what his creation would look like and make called-for changes before playing with the making scraps.

Choosing The Material:

After getting a clear view of what he wants, and creating the picture of a shoe pair that stands out, It is time to make the shoe. For this, such material shall be put work on, that compliments the style and comfort completely. The correct choice not only beautifies the design but improves the ranking.

Moreover, Some of the most important materials in the market these days are leather, textile, fiber, and plastic, etc.  Out of these, leather is probably the perfect option as it is supporting outdoors and indoors and this makes its demands higher.

Cutting The Scraps And Building The Soles:

This is an important part and it requires the actual techniques and experience. Cutting of the material into your desired shape that is required by your design, is done by hand or by machine. By hand, cutting doesn’t reduce the quality but is time-consuming.

how shoes are made

Hence, For prior steps, insoles are built first with the use of excellent sticking glues. After the materials like rubber are stuck together and the soles are made, the scraps are cut for the upper design. These mostly assume textile in the case of sports shoes and plastic in the case of heels.

Stitching The Sole And The Upper Material:

Again, a nice glue is required for this step. A canvas rib is added to the insole. The outer sole is attached to the welt that binds the soles together. Now you have a good soul. For attaching the upper built form to the sole, glue or sometimes stitching is done.


As the name indicates, this step is done to finalize the shoe pair you’re working on. The absolute desired form is gained. This step causes a lot of stretching but that is just to ensure the quality and to make fixings, other than that the shoe doesn’t damage much.

After the successful application of the above-mentioned steps, your desired designed and comfort-giving shoe pair is ready.

Manufacturing On The Basis Of Types:

The design shall always proceed after determining the type of shoes. For example, some shoes require intricate patterning while some require a high comfort level. In manufacturing heels, materials like plastic are used. For the beads and other styling, string lubrications are needed to make better the sticking of the sensitive patterns.

In the case of sportswear like joggers, sneakers material matters a lot that stays fine and provides comfort. Generally, these types are found to be more durable due to the fine coverings and better protection.

Why Nike Are So Trusted?

Over the years of fashion and styling, Nike has proved to be the most trusted and bought brand of shoes. The ultimate scenario for this consequence is the fact that Nike designs some of the most comfortable and uniquely patterned shoe pairs that are hard to find.

Nike footwear ate comparatively more durable than other brands. This adds to the intense craze of the crowd for Nike. Moreover, the material used by Nike highly supports rare designing and all over the world, people trust Nike.


To sum up, all that has been stated so far, one question shall be answered. Is making shoes, an easy process? Well, for an untrained person, it might be complex but due to the availability of almost all types of information on the internet today, it is easy to even make your shoes at home. Yes, all you need are materials and a good explanation of the procedure.

Upon calculations, the average period to do so is about 8-10 Weeks. That’s how easy it is. Shoes do way more than just categorizing themselves in apparel and fashion. They protect your feet from a lot of elements and knowing how to make them, just provides an easy guide to do it at home and save the annual levy of buying shoes.

The above article gives you a vast view of the rhythmic steps to make a shoe pair. You can try it out and save money.

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