Golf Shoes! Why Do Golf Shoes Have Spikes?

What are Golf Shoes? This is the question that is asked often by beginner golfers and non-golfers. Golf shoes tend to differ as compared to normal ordinary shoes. Golf shoes are not distinguishable from soccer and other sports shoes like tennis or basketball shoes.

Golf shoes have evolved along with time and have changed in their form and designs. Different styles and designs of golf shoes were liked by the former English King Edward VIII who became the Duke of Windsor (1894-1972). In that era, people had a better understanding of what are golf shoes called and all the credit goes to the styles worn by the Duke of Windsor.

golf shoes

Golf shoes are one of the important pieces of golf equipment that players must and do invest in. However, people usually don’t know much about them and often mistook them for ordinary sports shoes. Golf shoes are made to prevent a golfer’s feet from slipping on the course while doing the next stroke.

Though most golf courses do not require special shoes to play, they make a good investment for people who want to get better in their game.

Conventionally, golf shoes have metal spikes on the soles and are designed to dig into the surface of the golf course. Nowadays many shoes have smoother rubber spikes that do less or no damage to the playing surface. Moreover, they tend to offer more traction support than a casual pair of shoes.

Players need to get off their shoes when they are not playing on the course since walking across pavement can damage spikes and reduce the life of shoes and can also limit its benefits.

Why Do Golf Shoes Have Spikes?

This is yet another important curiosity by common people that why golf shoes have a spike on them. As we all must be aware of the fact that not all golf shoes are spiked. Then why are golf shoes spiked and what is the main reason and advantage of that?

Spikes offer support, grip, and required balance needed during the game and spikeless shoes tend to be more stylish and flexible. Let’s go back to the history of why spikes on golf shoes are there.

Different Types Of Spikes

During old times spikes were made from tiny nails and sticks. It is because at that time turf used to be damp and slippery. Therefore, to avoid injuries and discomfort these nails were attached to the soles. There are three distinct types of golf spikes: metal, rubber, and ceramic. Each category is useful and provides different pros and cons than the others.

Metal Spikes

As discussed above metal spikes were the initial golf shoe spikes that players used in the sport. Because of this substance, they are steadfast when it comes to durability. Although, it requires proper practice as shoes become heavy with metal spikes.

Metal spikes can cause damaging effects on the course. They tend to be rough and harsh, and so it can result in poking holes and ripping the greens and the fairways. For this reason, many golf courses and businesses have banned and stopped the use of metal spikes. Also, as its popularity deteriorated, some golf shoe manufacturers entirely halted producing metal spikes.

Rubber Spikes

Rubber spikes are also known as soft spikes are the current norm in the golf shoe market. It possesses an elastic and flexible material made from polyurethane. This material makes shoes more flexible and comfortable to wear. They are also very lightweight and economical.

Therefore, it has become the top choice of the average golfer. The only minus point is that it lowers the essential traction in a wet environment, which is the main reason for spikes. Rubber spikes also have shorter life and durability.

Ceramic Spikes

Ceramic spikes, on the other hand, are the most expensive on the market. In comparison to other materials, the substance used permits it to last longer. You won’t have to replace it as frequently as you would with rubber spikes. It’s also scratch-resistant and scuff-resistant.

This is why many tour players and seasoned professionals prefer to use this sort of golf shoe. However, you must keep in mind that it is substantially more expensive. Because the material can degrade, it necessitates ongoing care. Because the spike is aimed upwards into the foot, it was also uncomfortable. Furthermore, when playing on the greens, it has the potential to cause serious damage.


With spikes or without spikes a professional golfer must invest in some good shoes that are specifically made for playing golf. It will not only provide the best support, comfort but also help in improving the game and preventing injuries.

As there are a variety of options available in the market you need to find the perfect pair which will depend on your style. Try to evaluate your needs on and off the course and choose accordingly. While during the practice you can try different types of spikes. This will help you to appraise which will best suit your needs and demands.

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