Can Shoes Cause Shin Splints?

Are you one of those people, who have recently started on an exercise plan but every time that you dig into it, either your legs start hurting or your feet feel painful? Well, it’s a possibility that you might be suffering from Shin Splints.

We all know how important it is to work out and maintain a healthy balance in our body that suits our health the best. But one cannot do something when his own body won’t let him keep that balance by working out. Every time, he or she tries to begin the workout, the muscles start hurting and become a hurdle in the way of healthy living.

Before treating such issues, you need to know the cause that is leading to them. In addition to many other causes like sciatica and spondylosis, the wrong type of footwear can also lead towards it. due to certain factors that arise from the choices of shoes.

can shoes cause shin splints

Wearing such shoes might complement your outfit but they tend to damage your feet a lot. This could be extreme traumatizing and can put your feet on a model of stress. When the feet are not able to bear that stress, it starts deforming and leads to many more issues include soreness and pain.

Given below, is a brief introduction to Shin Splints and how it is caused, mainly including the factor of wearing wrong kind of shoes which then leads to Shin Splints.

What Is Shin Splints?

Shin Splints is a condition that is characterized by throbbing pain throughout the shin bone (tibia). The tibia is located on the medial side of the leg next to the fibula bone and closer to the central line. Shin splints occur when sudden stress causes the shin bone to bend sometimes or get enhanced pressure.

Resultantly, it gets sore and starts hurting. This is due to the increase in pressure on the sensitive muscles of the pelvic girdle and hind limbs. It is common in athletes and runners.

What Are The Symptoms Of Shin Splints?

  •  Aching legs
  • Needling pain during exercise
  • Pain in the inner part of the lower leg
  • Soreness in the lower body

What Are The Main Causes Of Shin Splints?

  • Flat feet
  • Raised arches
  • Workouts without warming up
  • Sudden hard physical activity
  • Over stressing the muscles
  • Repetitive exercise of the lower leg
  • Wearing wrong type of shoes

 How Can Shoes Cause Shin Splints?

 As many of the lower body deformities depend on the type of shoes one is wearing, Shin Splints can also be one of such deformities. The wrong choice of footwear can cause Shin Splints. Your feet are the most sensitive part of the body as it holds the body upright, bears the body weight and any damage to feet muscles can disturb the body in its natural mechanism of holding its balance.

Changes in anatomy like Shin Splints can cause the body to undergo stress conditions as the feet muscles do not work properly. Your footwear can be one of the major reasons contributing to that. Following are the factors that determine that how the inappropriate footwear or wrong choice of shoes can injure your Shinbone:

  • Lack of cushioning
  • Flat feet
  • Supination
  • Pronation 

Lack Of Cushioning:

Cushioned shoes can absorb the impact of a force, while shoes that lack cushioning can be hazardous as they provide instability. Such shoes may lead to falling and injuries of internal muscles.

It is considered that lack of cushioning might be a reason of having Shin Splints. As these kinds of shoes enhance the chances of tripping while running or during exercise. This sudden change of one’s gait can result in injury to the Shinbone also to the muscles surrounding it. Resultantly, the lower leg might start hurting.

Flat Feet:

Flat feet can contribute to shin splints as such feet cause excessive pronation. Due to such an increase in pronation, the stress on the lower leg increases. This increase in pressure on the inside of the tibia results in the prevention of cushioning. Thus, a lack of cushioning occurs, and feet become flat due to holding the weight of the body. They also get soreness in muscles and bones.

Moreover, It also leads to many other issues like knee tendonitis. Shoes contribute to flat feet by the ultimate wrong choices. Shoes with pointed or narrow ends can cause flat feet, which ultimately lead to Shin Splints.


Supination is one of the important causes for Shin Splints. A supinated foot is also an under pronated foot which lacks cushioning. In such cases, your footwear is uneven on the outer side of the soles. This leads to excess strain on ankles, and ultimately Shin Splints.

Raised arches might lead to supinated feet. Shoes like heels, sandals cause a rise in the arch that inserts pressure in the bones of feet like the tibia, causing Shin Splints.


It refers to the feet’s natural way of moving side to side. In such motion, the weight shifts from the heel to the ball of the foot. Damage to this natural mode leads to a state of enhanced and developing stress on the outer and inner edge of the Shinbone. Thus, the bone begins to swell.

Pronation can be one of the many factors as to how and why do shoes cause Shin Splints, as the type of footwear one is wearing might trigger over and under pronation, ultimately referring to deformities like Shin Splints.

Shoes That Treat Shin Splints:

So, in order to prevent from such disfigurement, following properties shall be present in your shoe pair:

  • Strengthen the arch
  • Without a heel drop
  • Normal pronation

The best choice considering these properties is a nice pair of athletic wear with strong and firm mid insole.


To sum up, all the information that has been stated so far, it is evident that how small issues generating due to your choice of shoes like pronation and supination, can lead to hurtful injurious like Shin Splints. Such deformities of skeletal muscles can be damaging for the whole body since they restrict movements and paralyze nearly the whole body.

can shoes cause shin splints

Moreover, such lack of motion can lead to many other diseases that are inborn and only arise from the autoimmune system. To avoid these issues that restrict you from healthy living which involves a good workout and a lot of physical movements, all you need to do is be careful with the choices you make while shopping for shoes.

Always go after the ones that not only matches your outfit yet provide you comfort and ease without causing any harm to your feet. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, the more comfortable your feet are, the more comfortable your body is.

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