Can Shoes Cause Knee Pain? The Top Guide 2021

Are you suffering from knee pain? Well, your shoes might be to blame. The more shoes add to the style, the more discomfort they might add sometimes. Many of us are picky when it comes to shoes. We want them to be stylish but also comfortable, fitting, and not hurting.

But despite the landmark they possess, sometimes shoes cause serious issues like pain in various parts of the body, one of them being your knees. Wearing shoes that are wrong for your feet, might add changes to your posture. Changes, that aren’t quite pleasing.

This leads to anatomical complexities that often result in a drastic change due to the deformity of your muscles. Now feet are a really important body part because it holds your body on the ground. Any changes in its posture might affect the way you walk and let the ground bear you. Stated below, are some of the reasons that might lead to knee pains due to the wrong type of shoes you might be wearing.

Pain Causing Shoes:

Many types of shoes cause pain in the knees by adding different deformities to the internal bone structure. Some areas are the following:

High Heels:

As much as heels add to fashion, their long-term use can damage your knees. One of the important deformities they generate is the Achilles tendon, in which the calf muscle is deformed due to an increase in pressure. High heels may also cause slipping or falling which results in a sprained ankle.

can shoes cause knee pain


Clogs are another type of shoe that add to knee pain, mainly in osteoarthritis patients.

Wrong Athletic Wear:

Wearing a safer and more supportive shoe pair while athletic activities is as important as the spirit of the game. A wrong choice can result in injuries while a good one cushions heavy landings.

Flats And Flip Flops:

Flip-flops are not the best choice for comfortable shoes as they give rise to issues like shortening of gaits, and lower body fatigue. They increase the pressure on your feet and cause a decline in balance, which ultimately results in falling.

Stiletto Heels:

Stiletto heels are a type of heels that give rise to knee torque. This special type of shoe causes an increase in the patellofemoral joint forces, which causes knee pain.

Knee torque is mainly produced due to the imbalanced posture of the feet.

Stiletto heels are shaped in a way that they push one part of the feet at a height to the rest, resulting in all the pressure of the body’s weight being put on the toes. This increase in pressure gives rise to stress. And so the knee starts hurting.

 Major Reasons For Knee Pain Caused By Shoes:

There are many reasons for knee pain that is given rise by the wrong type of shoe pair one is wearing.

  • Over tight shoes
  • Gait shortening
  • Orthotics
  • Lack of support
  • Collapsed arches
  • Increase in pressure
  • Chondromalacia patellae
  • Overstretching of tendons

Over Tight Shoes

Ill-fitting or over-tight shoes become the most basic cause of knee pain. They make you tired and You ultimately change the way you walk. Tight shoes might also deform one’s toes and cause structural problems like Hammer’s toe, mallet toe, etc., With all of them being a cause of knee pain.

Gait Shortening

Shoes like sandals or heels also become a cause of knee pain when they change the way you walk, that is gait shortening. Issues like external knee flexion, adduction moments, osteoarthritis cause a change in one’s gait, ultimately hammering the knee.


Orthotics, majorly weak insoles change the way one holds his posture while walking. Heels and shoes that is not balanced, lift one part of the feet, changing the position in the most dangerous way, which leads to stress in the muscles of the feet. All of this causes stress and the knee starts hurting.

Lack Of Support

Shoes that cause a lack of support when a balance is needed, also lead to injuries.

For example, if a sportsman is not wearing appropriate shoes for his game, it might lead to an unbalancing situation, causing him to fall.

Collapsed Arches

Collapsed arches become a cause of knee pain when the alignment of lower limbs is misadjusted. This causes the arch to become flat in the ground. In this way, the feet joints bend inwards, Causing immense pain throughout the feet and calf area. Most often, flats are found a cause for this.

Increase Of Pressure

When an injury takes place or a risky shoe is worn which causes troubles like osteoarthritis, the cartilage covering the joint wears down and the joint is exposed to the nerve endings. This causes the tendons to contract and causes a needling pain.

Chondromalacia Patellae

This deformity is also known as the runner’s knee. It occurs when the kneecap rubs the thigh bone. This condition leads to a lack of motion and severe pain.

This rubbing leads to friction that causes immobility and severe pain.

can shoes cause knee pain


Overstretching of tendons

Overstretching of tendons occurs when you wear shoes that are unstable and cause unbalancing situations. Due to this overstretching, the arch of feet collapses, giving rise to knee pain.


From all the reasons stated above, we come to know about the hurting kind of situation that a minute agent like wearing the wrong type of shoes can cause. With this information given above, we can easily map out the actual pathway of the damage that results in deformed limbs and the anatomy.

In addition to causing severe aching pain, wearing the wrong type of footwear can also generate certain autoimmune reflexes due to joint diseases like osteoarthritis.

This immensely highlights the importance of the right form of shoes in addition to the beauty that they add to your outfit. No matter how much they’re beautiful, they must be comfortable and rightly shaped for your feet, because long-term use of inappropriate pairs of shoes might give rise to pains that extend throughout the body and ultimately become paralyzing.


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