Can Shoes Be A Reason For Hip And Back Pain?

If you are wondering whether shoes can cause hip and back pain then the answer is Yes, they can. As we all are aware the feet are the foundation of our body and any imbalance due to high arches, low arches, and inadequate footwear can impact the ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and surprisingly the neck too.

Other factors that can contribute are incorrect posture, alignment, or uncomfortable shoes. All these factors trigger hip and back pain. This pain can restrict your mobility and can have a great impact on your daily life routines. Using the right shoes for this purpose may help you conquer this problem. Shoes with characteristics like motion control, arch support, and proper cushioning, can help relieve pain in your feet, hip, or back.

Can shoes be a reason for hip and back pain

These shoes are built specifically to promote natural alignment and use technology to give stability and comfort. However, if you have chronic discomfort or if the issue is interfering with your everyday activities, you should see an orthopedic. It can be difficult to live with pain that interferes with your daily activities, so wearing comfortable footwear might help.

The majority of people who suffer from back pain assume that there is a problem with their spine. Back pain, on the other hand, might be caused by a variety of factors, along with what you’re wearing on your feet. Your feet are the core of your body and are necessary for keeping balance while standing, walking, and running.

How Shoes Can Effect?

While any ill-fitting shoe can generate back pain, high heels are perhaps the most common cause. Heels, especially those with a heel height of 1.5 to 2 inches, force your chest forward and tilt your pelvis toward the front, generating an uncomfortable posture. As a result, your spine’s natural S-curve is thrown out of line, putting your back muscles under a lot of strain as they strive to keep your body steady. Your spine can become “out of whack” in some situations, causing nerve pain that can transmit from the back to the leg.

Can shoes be a reason for hip and back pain

Shoe-related back pain, as well as irritation in your legs and feet, can be alleviated by removing heels completely. However, for many women, the concept of giving up heels completely is unthinkable. If you really must wear heels, follow these guidelines to lower your risk of lower back pain. Avoid wearing heels for long periods of time.

Your feet bear the weight of the rest of the body, absorb trauma from running and walking, and keep your spine in normal alignment. The vertebrae in your spine may become dislocated swiftly if you wear shoes that don’t provide enough support or put too much pressure on one region of your foot. Misalignments, also defined as “subluxations,” are a type of misalignment, but subluxations may continue to occur if you don’t make a little footwear change.

Why Some Shoes Trigger More Problems?

High heels are particularly troublesome because they put a lot of pressure on the front of your foot. According to UPMC Pinnacle, a one-inch heel raises pressure by 22%, while a three-inch heel increases pressure by 76%. Your posture alters tremendously when you put on a pair of high heels.

Your lower back slips forward somewhat as a result of the unusual posture of your feet, distorting the natural shape of your spine. Wearing the shoes every day will put extra pressure on the shock-absorbing discs between the vertebrae, as well as the joints and ligaments in your back.

Wearing high heels can cause knee and muscle pain, as well as tight calf muscles and Achilles’s tendons. High heels and flip-flops can both impair your stride or the way you walk regularly. Changes in gait can disrupt spinal alignment, cause problems with balance, and result in knee, hip, and back discomfort. Researchers from Auburn University reported that wearing flip-flops leads walkers to take shorter steps and influences the vertical force of the heels.

When you wear flip flops or flats, you may experience a lack of arch support. Arch support is crucial for appropriate spinal alignment since it helps to balance your feet, legs, and spine. Your feet and back may ache by the end of the day if you don’t have proper support.

Some Recommendations

Here we are going to list some best shoes to reduce or prevent hip and back pain.


Skechers, as a wholesome lifestyle brand, has had a hard road to proving itself to the fashion industry’s critics. With the flexibility to touch each and every facet of style, comfort, and support, the Women D’Lites are a new edition. These classic shapes come with extra cushioning memory foam lining to keep you safe from any traction issues.

Can shoes be a reason for hip and back pain

This footwear is likely the greatest choice for large and flat feet since the platform measures up to 1 inch. The supple, breathable leather allows for airflow and keeps the feet fresh and stink-free throughout the day. The stitching embellishments on this footwear add a distinctive touch to the design.

Skechers’ legacy is reflected in the panels that wrap the sides and the color-coded inlays. Consequently, the weight remains constant at half a pound. Despite the fact that this footwear is not slip-resistant, other attributes like as detachable insoles, ankle support, breathability, and comfort emphasize its value as everyday footwear.


With Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneakers, you may rediscover the enjoyment of strolling in absolute calm and freshness. Lace-up shoes are fantastic, but they can be a little snug on the feet at times. This is something you didn’t have to think about with Skechers’ retro silhouette. The reason for this is the breathable mesh tongues, which possess the tiniest pores to allow sweat from the day to exit the feet and leave them fresh.

These sneakers also have the added benefit of being machine washable and extremely lightweight. The versatility is in stark contrast to the normal claimers of small boots. Another reason they’re on this list is the metal top eyelet and supporting over layers.

Above all, they are very inexpensive. They seem to be one of the greatest alternatives for concerns resulting from foot discomforts such as plantar fasciitis or hip pain because the feet are entirely at peace throughout the walk.


Dr. Scholl’s is the most recent footwear maker to introduce lightweight knitted materials and memory cushioning. This edition transcends all expectations because it incorporates the Be FREE Energy technology for the soles, which strengthens them and adds to the flexibility. It is constructed with three ideal zones with the sole objective of maximizing comfort.

Under the toes, the first zone gives adequate assistance. The second and third ones serve the same purpose, with recovery foams at the ball of the feet and thicker foams to cradle the heels. All of these features contribute to the feet’s stability, comfort, traction, and breathability. As a result, many bone diseases such as hip discomfort are avoided.

Another crazy idea with these was to make a detailed shoe out of more recycled materials than the typical. As a result, even a small item like shoes will be shown to be cruelty-free. Because it has lug rubber bottoms, this shoe’s durability is also flexible. Given these conditions, the footwear stands out as a sign of hip and back pain control.


From the above conditions, we can conclude that we must not ignore our shoes as they form an integral part of our lifestyles. Try to wear shoes that have good grip, are breathable, and offer comfort and support.

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