What Are The Best Running Shoes For Accessory Navicular Syndrome?

An accessory navicular is an extra bone or section of cartilage placed on the inner side of the foot just directly above the arch. It is integrated within the posterior tibial tendon, which attaches to this spot.  An accessory navicular is genetic and is present at birth. It is not part of typical bone structure and therefore is not appear in many people.

best running shoes for accessory navicular syndrome

If this bone does not create any problem most people are unaware of the condition. However, some people with this extra bone face a terrible condition known as accessory navicular syndrome when the bone and/or posterior tibial tendon are worsened. This worse condition can result from any of the following:

  • Trauma, as in a foot or ankle sprain
  • Chronic pain from shoes or other footwear patting against the extra bone
  • Extreme activity

There is a possibility that many people with the accessory navicular syndrome also have flat feet. This causes more strain on the posterior tibial tendon, which can create inflammation or soreness of the accessory navicular.

Shoes To Wear

When it comes to purchasing superior quality shoes to help manage numerous foot conditions such as accessory navicular syndrome many aspects need to be considered. You need to make a well-informed decision based on certain key features that can impact the overall comfort. We have listed down the most important and essential features that experts for accessory navicular syndrome footwear recommend. These features include:

Comfort and Safety

Well, we all are well aware that an individual’s safety and comfort are the utmost priority. You must never ignore this Factor. Shoes are something you wear all day long. So, they must be super comfortable especially if you are suffering from the accessory navicular syndrome.

best running shoes for accessory navicular syndrome

When buying, keep in mind that comfort and safety are more important than low-price poor-quality shoes. Cheap and lousy shoes will only feel downright painful and can worsen the existing problem or even can cause new ones. Don’t ignore this fact as it determines your ability to manage such conditions. Comfort in different brand shoes is guaranteed by including a padded shoe collar.

Cushioning is present in various footwear and can be ascribed to a variety of factors, one of them being the primary material used in making. This is one of the reasons that foot medical experts recommend shoes molded with soft material. It includes suede, synthetic, and even canvas material. Being safe and comfortable means that shoes are made of premium quality material, properly cushioned and well ventilated. Breathability is extremely crucial as no one like stinky and sweaty feet.


Make sure that the base of your shoes is lightweight. This is especially important when you are dealing with conditions like accessory navicular syndrome. The lightweight nature makes certain that you’ll be in a good position to use the shoes for various activities, including walking, running, and even performing various fitness workouts.

Accurate Fit And Support

You’ll agree with me that even minor issues can get very uncomfortable, and to some extent, they can affect and trigger other complications. Always seek professional help if you are confused about your size. Similarly, whether you’re walking, running, or hitting the gym, accessory Navicular Syndrome can turn out to be very painful. Wear shoes that are a good fit and highly padded, lightweight, and cushioned.


When shopping for the best shoes for the accessory navicular syndrome, it is recommended that shoes should be made from waterproof, yet lightweight material. This will help to maintain odor-free and fatigue-free feet. Ideally, go for highly breathable mesh. If you want something to help manage accessory navicular syndrome, you should be looking for a 100% durable full-grain fabric.


Never underestimate this factor. After comfort, safety, and support, the next thing you should be looking for is its durability. You don’t want to go shopping again and again. You also don’t have much time to spend shopping too often.

Make a wise decision and choose a long-lasting pair of shoes even if it is a little bit expensive. It will offer you value for money. Pay attention to the characteristics of textile, rubber, and synthetic material. Read reviews and product specifications as well as customer feedback.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re suffering from accessory navicular syndrome or are looking forward to helping a friend or a family member to get reliable footwear, the above-mentioned list will help you. With footwear brands like New Balance, Hoka One, Adidas, and the rest, you can make your own choice. From comfort and support to safety and breathability, don’t ignore any aspect and make a good decision for your feet.

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