Back Pain Reasons And Their Solutions? 2021

There could be many factors and reasons contributing to your back pain. Sometimes sitting for long hours and a wrong posture trigger it. Sometimes it is due to some undiagnosed disease, overexertion lack of calcium, and other vitamins. You may have to go through various tests and procedures to evaluate the actual cause of lower back pain.

best shoes for lower back pain


If your back pains last more than a month and your condition is getting worse, you should immediately see a doctor before it is too late. It can be a health hazard signal so do not ignore it and seek medical assistance.

Wearing Wrong Shoes

Once you have done all your tests and seen the doctor you might want to consider another factor that may be a trigger to your back pain which is shoes. Yes, you heard it right shoes play an important role.

The wrong choice of shoes can cause lower back pain. Research shows that shoes have an impact on our back pain. However, one shoe which is fit and perfect for one person may not be fit and perfect for another.

Limb length differences can cause potential problems and can get worse by wearing the wrong choice of shoes. Always measure your shoe size adequately and know your feet well whether they are narrow or wide.

Once you have known your feet size and shape v well then, the selection of shoes will be easy. Select your shoes accordingly which are soft, comfortable, properly cushioned, and flexible, and most important do not cause blisters.

Furthermore, shoes should be made of quality breathable material. This will help them in wearing for long hours. Because some job demands long working hours. Also, for sports, you might look for shoes with added comfort.

Let’s have a look at factors to consider when looking for shoes so that they do not cause lower back pain problems.

Heel Height

According to many studies and experiences, a moderate height of the heel is good. If your heels are a bit higher it allows cause ankles to rotate and turn. On the other hand, very low heels or lower than toes or flat heels to be precise can cause harm to legs too. It also makes feet get tired quickly. This will eventually hamper the health of the lower backbone by damaging your spine.

best shoes for lower back pain

Moreover, as we see those women these days prefer high heel shoes and high heels are in trend. If you wear high heels regularly and for longer hours it is extremely harmful to your knees, joints, and also your back. Moreover, you can wear high heels occasionally but do not make it a hobbit as it will ruin your knees and spine.

Heels should have a good grip and should have the ability to absorb the shock. As we all know that many people hit the ground harder than others when they walk. This creates a shock that goes to their legs and their backs.

So, if the shoe heels are not absorbing enough amount of shock, it will be harmful. When we talk about running shoes you need a lot of cushioning. Extra cushioning means extra support, extra shock absorption, and fewer chances of injury.

Arch Support

This term is largely used for shoe inserts that offer supports to the arches. It can be a basic pad and can be a graphite custom-molded support. This support has many benefits as some of the footwear does not provide this kind of support. Moreover, people tend to choose stylish shoes rather than choosing the comfortable ones. Built-in arch support is hard to find.

Therefore, sometimes you have to put inserts for having extra arch support. Undoubtedly it helps to balance and circulate the pressure. It helps to spread the pressure on the heels and balls of the feet. Furthermore, this arch support also helps to prevent knee pain, hip pains, and back pains as it keeps the alignment right.

Rocker-Bottom Soles

Rocker-bottom soles can be beneficial in several circumstances. They’re solid and thick soles that are arched at the front and occasionally at the back of the shoe too. They provide support while moving by giving less pressure on the joints and the back.

Hence you will see that many therapeutic shoes include rocker-bottom soles. In addition to this, this kind of soles is usually prescribed to diabetic persons as they require special care for their feet. They are helpful to relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, knee joint pain, and back pains.

Sandals And Flip Flops

Mostly sandals, flip flops, and slippers do not offer much support.  These are not good for your foot’s health. They can also be dangerous for your back pain. Although, some orthopedic flip flops and sandals are good and can help to reduce back pain.

Moreover, slippers also have the same problems. You should not wear slippers for a longer period. Try to wear them occasionally at home. In this way, you can prevent yourself from back pain.

The Right Texture:

Always look for shoes which are of medium texture not too hard and not too soft. Both of these extremes are not healthy.

Minimalist Shoes:

Minimalist shoes are those which have very thin soles. Most doctors and physiotherapists do not recommend these shoes.

In addition, these shoes are lighter in weight, lower to the ground, and not properly cushioned. All of these characteristics do not make them ideal for wearing long hours. These shoes tend to create weakness of plantar fascia and increased laxity.


The shoes which provide the best arch support, are properly cushioned, have premium quality material, good design, and stitching are best. If you have an issue with wide feet, then look for the ones with a wide toe box. In this case, your toes will not be squished.

If you are suffering from back pain, try changing your shoes. If you still suffer from pain, then you must immediately consult a doctor. By doing so you will find the exact reason for your back pain.

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