Golf Shoes! Why Do Golf Shoes Have Spikes?

why do golf shoes have spikes

What are Golf Shoes? This is the question that is asked often by beginner golfers and non-golfers. Golf shoes tend to differ as compared to normal ordinary shoes. Golf shoes are not distinguishable from soccer and other sports shoes like tennis or basketball shoes. Golf shoes have evolved along with time and have changed in … Read more

Adidas Ozweego! The Best Retro Sneaker

Adidas Ozweego!The best retro sneaker

Adidas Ozweego is a retro sneaker. The shoe’s retro layout is impressive, as people nowadays appreciate its style. The shoe has a distinct appearance and a futuristic design. It has a twist heel like Yeezys. One of the most pleasant sneakers on the marketplace is the Adidas Ozweego. People are blown away by its classic … Read more